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The 2014–2019 survey of M.Design alumni was conducted online and received a 85% response rate (35 out of 41 graduates). If we were unable to contact you, please get in touch—we would love to include your data.

UW M.Design Student Statistics

Graduate Applications

Acceptance rates range from 3–8%.

Gender Ratios

On average, the Division of Design graduates six M.Design students each year; genders are evenly divided.

2-Year vs. 3-Year Enrollment

The Division accepts a limited number (15%) of candidates as 3-Year students (6 out of 40). Red indicates 3-Year students.

Undergraduate Degrees

69% of M.Design alumni have an undergraduate degree in Design.

Average Age at Graduation

The average age of M.Design candidates at graduation is 30.

UW M.Design Alumni Statistics

Initial Employment
After Graduation

After graduation, M.Design alumni are most likely to have full-time design employment (85%).

Time Until Initial Employment

More than half (55%) of M.Design graduates have employment within one month after graduation; the average time is two months.

Current Alumni Employment

Of 35 M.Design alumni surveyed, 100% are currently employed in the field of design.

Employment Types

Design employment occurs in corporations (50%), design/ advertising/ marketing consultancies (30%), and nonprofits (15%).

M.Design Employers

The following corporations/organizations employed the 2014–2019 M.Design graduates:

Alaska Salmon Sisters (Alaska)
Blackboard Insurance (New York, NY)
HireVue, Employment Software (Salt Lake City, UT)
Jacobs (Bellevue, WA)
SK Holdings, (Seongnam, Korea)
Ubiquiti Networks (Seattle, WA
Vacasa (Portland, OR)
98point6, Inc. (Seattle, WA)

Amazon (Seattle, WA)
Epic Games (Seattle, WA)
Ebay (Bellevue, WA)
Google (Seattle, WA)
Microsoft (Redmond, WA)
Palador (Seattle, WA)
Xerox Parc (Palo Alto, CA)

Cognition Studio (Seattle, WA)
Formative (Seattle, WA)
Studio Matthews (Seattle, WA)
Symplicit (Melbourne, Australia)
Typegray (Seattle, WA)

Chan Zuckerbeg Initiative (Palo Alto, CA)
Charles Wright Academy (Tacoma, WA)
University of Washington (Seattle, WA)

Pearson Books (Boston, MA)

Location Before and After Graduation

Roughly half of M.Design candidates are out-of-state applicants (46% = 11/24); 25% are international students (from Korea, China, Iran, Europe, and New Zealand.) After graduation, approximately half of all alumni (58% =14/24) remain in Washington, with 46% employed in Seattle.