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ABCs of ATK Guides & Tutorials

Overview of ATK Guides & Tutorials

Use this overview to find your way around the ATK's Guides and Tutorials.

Framework & Theory

ABCs of the ATK
A library for soundfield research, analysis, synthesis and composition
Frequently Asked Questions
Ambisonic Enlightenment
On ways to think Ambisonic, a Novice's guide
ATK Glossary
Glossary of some relevant Ambisonic and Ambisonic Toolkit words

Getting Started

Introducing the ATK: FOA examples
First Order Ambisonic (FOA) getting started sound examples
Introducing the ATK: Imaging illustrations
How to read the ATK's First Order Ambisonic (FOA) imaging illustrations
Encoding FOA
First Order Ambisonic (FOA) encoding examples
Transforming FOA
First Order Ambisonic (FOA) transforming examples
Decoding FOA
First Order Ambisonic (FOA) decoding examples
SynthDef and NRT examples for ATK
SynthDef and NRT examples for ATK

Going Deeper

Ambisonic Format Exchange
Ambisonic format exchange examples
Stereo Monitoring of HOA
Higher Order Ambisonic (HOA) stereo decoding examples
Binaural Monitoring of HOA
Higher Order Ambisonic (HOA) binaural decoding examples
Pantophonic Monitoring of HOA (2D)
Higher Order Ambisonic (HOA) 2D array decoding examples
Near-Field Effect (NFE)
Higher Order Ambisonic (HOA) radial near-field effect examples
Spherical Decomposition
Ambisonic angular domain decomposition and recomposition
Guide to ATK Matrix Files
A guide to reading, writing, and storing ATK matrices