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January 28, 2019

Global WACh Student Researchers Feature Posters at the 2019 Global Healthies

Photo credit: UW School of Public Health

On January 23rd, the University of Washington Department of Global Health held its annual Global Healthies Opportunities Fair and Poster Competition, which seeks to strengthen connections and start new collaborations for better global health impacts.  It was an exciting evening with a large presence of Global WACh faculty, staff, students and colleagues engaging around our Center’s research and training opportunities.

This year, 12 Global WACh research assistants and Certificate students competed in the poster competition across four distinct categories (Discovery and Development, Education and Training, Implementation and Application, and Public Health Service and Direct Care).  Research assistant, Danae Black (PhD Candidate in Epidemiology), had the winning poster in the Public Service and Direct Care category!  Her research unveiled new data in an area not well studied—the burden of tuberculosis (TB) and utilization of TB preventative therapies for HIV-infected adolescents in Kenya.  These therapies entail daily oral medication taken for up to six months without interruption to effectively prevent TB.  Danae’s findings identified frequent medication shortages across 101 HIV care facilities, meaning that a large number of patients exposed to TB have started therapy, but few have completed it.  The gaps leave patients, whose immune systems are weakened by HIV, at higher risk of developing potentially severe forms of TB.  The impact of Danae’s findings can help researchers better understand the current TB prevention efforts in Kenya and find ways to systematically improve health outcomes in this vulnerable population.

We are so proud of all our student researchers and their achievements.  Well done!

Discovery and Development

Hannah Atlas, 1st Year MPH in Global Health Student
Certificate Student and Research Assistant
“Potential Modulation of the Intestinal Microbiome by HIV and Antibiotics and Implications for EPEC Susceptibility and Severity: A Pilot Study”

Dorothy Mangale, 2nd Year PhD in Implementation Science Student
Research Assistant

“High Prevalence of HIV Exposure Among Acutely Ill, Malnourished Children in Western Kenya”



Shelley Brandstetter, 3rd Year DNP-Pediatric Nurse Practitioner Student
Certificate Student
“Human Milk Bank Training in Kenya”

Marissa Masihdas, 3rd Year DNP-Family Nurse Practitioner Student
Certificate Student
“Academic Familiar Del Amazonas: A Family-Centered Approach to Community Health and Well-Being”

Lauren Rotkis, 3rd Year DNP-Midwifery Practitioner Student
Certificate Student
“Ultrasound Midwifery Training Program in Ghana” Will it Increase Antenatal Detection of Congenital Anomalies?”



Dana Atkins, 2nd Year MPH in Global Health Student
Independent Research Assistant

“Financial Incentives to Increase Pediatric HIV Testing in Kenya – Qualitative Study”

Jaclyn Escudero, 2nd Year MPH in Global Health Student
Certificate Student and Research Assistant

“High PrEP Awareness Among Kenyan Young People in High HIV Burden Countries”

Brenda Kharono, 2nd Year MPH in Global Health Student
Certificate Student

“Systematic Review: HIV Demographic and Risk Strata Heterogeneity Across the 90-90-90 Cascade in Sub-Saharan Africa


Danae Black, PhD in Epidemiology Candidate
Research Assistant  

“Intensified Case Finding and Tuberculosis Preventive Treatment Among HIV-Infected Adolescents in Kenya” – WINNER OF THIS CATEGORY

Rebecca Brander, PhD in Epidemiology Candidate
Research Assistant

“Effects of Antibiotic Exposure During Moderate-To-Severe Diarrhea on Linear Growth Faltering in Children: A Secondary Analysis of GEMS Cases”

[No Photo Available]

Miriana Duran, 2nd Year MPH in Global Health Student
Certificate Student

“Strengthening Human Milk Banking: A Guide for Developing a Communications Strategy”

Julia Guerette, 2nd Year MPH in Global Health Student
Certificate Student

“Family Planning and Maternal Health Commodity Access for Women in Nigeria”