Global WACh

March 11, 2020

Global WACh researchers contribute to WHO HIV Testing Services guidelines for a changing epidemic

Global WACh and other UW researchers led a series of systematic reviews that informed the newly released 2019 World Health Organization (WHO) HIV testing guidelines.  Principal investigators Drs. Alison Drake (Global Health, Epidemiology) and David Katz (Medicine – Allergy and Infectious Diseases), along with project leads Drs. Anjuli Wagner (Global Health), Brandon Guthrie (Global Health, Epidemiology), and Christine Khosropour (Epidemiology), led reviews on syphilis testing, social network testing, demand creation, serodiscordant couples services, and sexual behavior change, respectively.  Readers can access the guidelines on the WHO’s website or as a mobile app on Apple and Android devices for on-the-go access.

Drs. Alison Drake (right) and Anjuli Wagner (left) presented the research team’s reviews during the WHO’s guideline development group meeting in Geneva, Switzerland in August 2019.

Team leads were supported by researchers and students across the globe, from Global WACh (indicated with an asterisk *) and abroad, including Michelle Bulterys*, Barbara Burke*, Rachael Burke, Miranda Delawalla*, Julia Dettinger*, Jaclyn Escudero*, Neway Fida, Hannah Han*, Wenwen Jiang*, Ngozi Kalu, Dorothy Mangale*, Luke Mair, Sarah Masyuko*, Julianne Meisner*, Bastien Mollo, Kennedy Muni*, Jilian Neary*, Irene Njuguna*, Chris Obermeyer, Caitlin Quinn, Allen Roberts*, Tricia Rodriguez*, Monisha Sharma*, Lee Sims, Ruchi Tiwari*, Meredith Wang*, and Chloe Waters*.