Global WACh

March 11, 2020

Researchers share latest findings virtually at CROI 2020

The annual Conference on Retroviruses and Opportunistic Infections (CROI) brings together top basic, translational, and clinical researchers from around the world to share the latest studies, important developments, and best research methods in the ongoing battle against HIV/AIDS and related infectious diseases. Due to concerns of the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak in the US, CROI 2020 was virtually held from March 8 to March 11, 2020.

Ten abstracts, seven posters and three oral presentations, contributed by Global WACh researchers were accepted to present at CROI.  Dr. Sylvia LaCourse was invited to speak about her abstract titled, “Isoniazid to Prevent MTB Infection in HIV-Exposed Uninfected Infants,” at a press conference on Wednesday, March 11. The press conference and attention to tuberculosis (TB) and HIV co-infections intervention efforts was timely as World TB Day approaches on Tuesday, March 24. Over one million new cases of TB and 239,000 TB-related deaths occur in children each year. Despite evidence that HIV exposure in children is associated with an increased risk of TB infection and development of TB disease, few studies have explored the ways in which children living with HIV-infected mothers become susceptible to TB infection. Dr. LaCourse, with other Global WACh researchers and collaborators are, leading cutting-edge studies to inform novel TB preventive interventions, such as vaccines, in HIV-infected and HIV-exposed children.

Click on the titles below to learn more about each abstract.

Oral Abstract 42 INDEX FACTORS INCREASE PARTNER NOTIFICATION YIELD FOR KENYAN PEOPLE WHO INJECT DRUGS Brandon Guthrie, Aliza Monroe-Wise, Loice Mbogo, Natasha Ludwig-Barron, John D. Scott, Bill Sinkele, David Bukusi, Matthew Dunbar, Paul Macharia, Esther Gitau, Betsy Sambai, Helgar Musyoki, Sarah Masyuko, Joshua T. Herbeck, Carey Farquhar
Poster 817 HIV VIRAL SUPPRESSION IN ADOLESCENTS AND YOUNG ADULTS: A NATIONAL SURVEY IN KENYA Irene Njuguna, Jillian Neary, Caren Mburu, Danae Black, Kristin Beima-Sofie, Anjuli Wagner, Cyrus Mugo, Yolanda Evans, Brandon Guthrie, Janet Itindi, Alvin Onyango, Laura Oyiengo, Barbra A. Richardson, Dalton Wamalwa, Grace John-Stewart
Poster 764 DETECTABLE HIV RNA IN LATE PREGNANCY ASSOCIATED WITH LOW TFV HAIR LEVELS AT BIRTH Jillian Pintye, Yanling Huo, Deborah Kacanek, Karen Kuncze, Kevin Zhang, Hideaki Okochi, Monica Gandhi
Poster 742 HIV, TUBERCULOSIS, AND CHRONIC LUNG DISEASE AMONG KENYAN ADULTS Jerry S. Zifodya, Tecla M. Temu, Sarah Masyuko, George Nyale, Jerusha Nyabiage, Dickens Onyango, John Kinuthia, Stephanie Page, Sylvia LaCourse, Carey Farquhar, Kristina Crothers
Poster 779 HIV SEROCONVERSION DURING PREGNANCY AT ROUTINE ANTENATAL CARE CLINICS IN BOTSWANA Katrina F. Ortblad, Shreshth Mawandia, Odirile Bakae, Lenna Tau, Matias Grande, Goabaone Mogomotsi, Esther Mmatli, Modise Ngombo, Laura Seckel, Renee Heffron, Jillian Pintye, Jenny Ledikwe
Oral Abstract 138 ISONIAZID TO PREVENT MTB INFECTION IN HIV-EXPOSED UNINFECTED INFANTS Sylvia LaCourse, Barbra A. Richardson, Lisa M. Cranmer, Elizabeth Maleche Obimbo, Daniel Matemo, Alex J. Warr, Jaclyn Escudero, John Kinuthia, Thomas Hawn, Grace John-Stewart
Poster 758 EVALUATION OF A BLOOD-BASED ANTIGEN TEST FOR TUBERCULOSIS IN INFANTS Liyan Mao, Sylvia LaCourse, Soyeon Kim, Charles D. Mitchell, Tony Hu
Poster 797 BREASTMILK MICROBIOME/VIROME OF HIV+ KENYAN WOMEN IS NOT ALTERED BY IMMUNOSUPPRESSION Rabia Maqsood, Jennifer Slyker, LaRinda A. Holland, Lily I. Wu, Ruth Nduati, Dorothy Mbori-Ngacha, Grace John-Stewart, Dara Lehman, Efrem Lim
Poster 1034 PRENATAL PrEP EXPOSURE AND LONGITUDINAL BIRTH OUTCOMES IN KENYA Julia C. Dettinger, John Kinuthia, Laurén Gómez, Jillian Pintye, Joshua Stern, Nancy M. Ngumbau, Ben O. Odhiambo, Mary M. Marwa, Salphine A. Wattoyi, Felix Abuna, Jared Baeten, Grace John-Stewart
Poster 1125 FREQUENT DETECTION OF UNDIAGNOSED HIV WITHIN EMERGENCY DEPARTMENTS IN BOTSWANA Jillian Pintye, Katrina F. Ortblad, Shreshth Mawandia, Odirile Bakae, Lenna Tau, Matias Grande, Goabaone Mogomotsi, Esther Mmatli, Modise Ngombo, Laura Seckel, Renee Heffron, Jenny Ledikwe