Global WACh

April 29, 2024

Researchers share pediatric and adolescent HIV and associated neurological research at CROI 2024

Global WACh researchers participated in the 31st Conference on Retroviruses and Opportunistic Infections (CROI), held from March 3 to 6, in Denver, CO. They shared the latest discoveries in HIV and Co-Infectious Through the Lifecycle research portfolio on topics covering data-informed stepped adolescent HIV care approaches and neuropsychological outcomes in children associated with HIV.
See below for a list of poster abstracts to view.

Title Presenting Author Authors
Data Informed Stepped Care (DiSC) to Improve HIV Care for Youth With HIV: A Cluster Randomized Trial Pamela Kohler

University of Washington

Pamela Kohler, Wenwen Jiang, Jacinta Badia, James Kibugi, Jessica Dyer, Julie Kadima, Dorothy Oketch, Kristin Beima-Sofie, Sarah Hicks, Barbra Richardson, Irene Inwani, Seema Shah, Grace John-Stewart, Kawango Agot
Association Between HIV and Cytomegalovirus and Neuropsychological Outcomes Among Children With HIV Lauren A. Gomez

(Presented on behalf of Jillian Neary)

University of Washington

Jillian Neary, Daisy Chebet, Sarah Benki-Nugent, Hellen Moraa, Noah Cassidy, Carolyn Fish, Barbra Richardson, Irene Njuguna, Agnes Langat, Evelyn Ngugi, Dara Lehman, Jennifer Slyker, Dalton C. Wamalwa, Grace John-Stewart
Prenatal PrEP Exposure and Neurodevelopment Among Children at 48 months Lauren A. Gomez

University of Washington

Lauren A. Gomez, John Kinuthia, Felix Abuna, Sarah Benki-Nugent, Julia Dettinger, Anna Larsen, Mary Marwa, Ben Ochieng, Nancy Ngumbau, Salphine Watoyi, Joshua Stern, Barbra Richardson, Grace John-Stewart, Jillian Pintye

CROI is the premier annual scientific conference for the epidemiology and biology of human retroviruses and associated diseases. For the past 30 years, CROI has been a global convening of leading scientists, clinicians, public health experts, among others, where discoveries have been presented that have helped to accelerate progress in HIV/AIDS research. Global WACh is honored to have participated several years in a row to share our work and our team looks forward to next year’s conference.