Global WACh

June 5, 2024

2nd annual Global WACh Student Poster Symposium celebrates and highlights student achievements over the academic year

On May 28th in the Hans Rosling Center for Population Health, Global WACh hosted its second annual Student Poster Symposium featuring graduate student research aimed at improving the health and well-being of women, adolescents, and children. It was a celebratory end-of-year event to acknowledge students’ training, service, and achievement and give well wishes to those graduating UW.

This year’s symposium featured 14 posters by master’s and doctoral students and a postdoctoral fellow representing several departments and schools – Applied Bioengineering, Epidemiology, Global Health (General and Implementation Science tracks), Nursing, and Social Work. These included 90-hour capstone projects completed by students enrolled in the Global WACh Graduate Certificate Program, and master’s thesis and PhD dissertation-related posters by student supporting Global WACh’s research portfolio. Three posters were featured at scientific conferences over the academic year and shared with the UW global health community.

Faculty, staff, and students attended to view the posters and chat with the students to learn more about their contributions that help advance Global WACh’s science in collaboration with partner organizations. See the list of students and poster titles below. Posters featured at conference have links to the full abstract and poster file.

Student Name Academic Program Poster Title Presented at Scientific Conference (if applicable)
Ambar Ahmed MPH Student in Global Health


Global WACh Certificate Program

Psychoeducation, Relaxation, PrOblem solving, Activation, Cognitive coping Therapy (PROACT) for Adolescents and Youth in HIV Care: Development of Audience Specific Dissemination Materials
Megan Coe PhD Candidate in Nursing


Team Approach to Malnutrition Services (TeAMS) Toolkit: Co-design of a tailored resource for improved adherence to Kenyan pediatric guidelines
Tessa Concepcion PhD Student in Global Health Implementation Science High interest for long-acting injectable PrEP among pregnant women taking daily oral PrEP in Kisumu and Siaya, Kenya Adherence 2023
(poster updated with recent findings)
Nuno De Jesus Ximenes MPH Student in Global Health


Global WACh Certificate Program

Analysis of Clinical Outcomes in Children with Severe Acute Malnutrition: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis of Kwashiorkor and Marasmus
Lidiya Gebre Master of Social Work


Global WACh Certificate Program

Empowering Youth: Evaluating The Youth Healing Project Impact and its Future
Laurén Gómez PhD Student in Epidemiology Prenatal PrEP Exposure and Neurodevelopment Among Children at 48 months Conference on Retroviruses and Opportunistic Infection (CROI) (March 2024)
Sarah Hicks PhD Student in Epidemiology Tailored multilevel strategies needed to improve retention

among youth living with HIV in Western Kenya

Diana Lalika MPH Student in Global Health


Global WACh Certificate Program

Midwife-led Midwifery Programs Review in LMICs
Jingyi (Lucy) Liu MA Student in Applied Bioengineering


Global WACh Certificate Program

Digital Interventions to Support Family Planning including Abortion in LMIC: A Scoping Review
Olivia McCollum MPH Student in Epidemiology


Incoming PhD Student in Epidemiology

The Association between Intestinal Fatty Acid Binding Protein and Enteric Pathogens
Jillian Neary (on leave) Postdoctoral Fellow Association Between HIV and Cytomegalovirus and Neuropsychological Outcomes Among Children With HIV Conference on Retroviruses and Opportunistic Infection (CROI) (March 2024)
Tiara Ranson MPH Student in Global Health


Global WACh Certificate Program

Health Justice Pathways Internship Course: Curriculum Development & Implementation
Molly Unsworth MPH Student in Epidemiology


Global WACh Certificate Program

HerChoice: developing a novel person-centered psychometric scale to improve the accuracy of fertility intentions measurement
Sandra Urusaro MPH Student in Global Health


Global WACh Certificate Program

Experiences and Decision-making Considerations of Women Who Discontinue or Restart PrEP in Kenya



Group photo of Global WACh Certificate Program staff and current and graduating students.

During the event, Dr. Anjuli Wagner (Assistant Professor, Global Health) and Stephanie Edlund-Cho (Global WACh Program Operations Specialist), co-leads of the Global WACh Graduate Certificate Program, congratulated eight students who were graduating in June (Ambar Ahmed, Nuno De Jesus Ximenes, Lidiya Gebre, Diana Lalika, Lucy Liu, Tiara Ranson, Molly Unsworth, Sandra Urusaro) and a student graduating in Summer Quarter (Jacinta Ifununya Azie, MPH Global Health).

The students who participated in the event are among a larger group of emerging global health researchers and professionals who have received or currently are receiving mentorship and training support at Global WACh. Their service contributes immensely to our mission to make scientific discoveries, cultivate leaders, and bridge disciplines to advance the tightly connected health and well-being of women, adolescents, and children. We look forward to organizing the next poster symposium in Spring 2025.