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Naveed Ahmed

Naveed Ahmed holds the position of Research Manager at the Department of Pediatrics and Child Health, Aga Khan University, in Karachi, Pakistan. He earned his MSc in Health Policy and Management and completed a trauma and injury fellowship under the Johns Hopkins-Pakistan Fogarty International Collaborative Trauma and Injury Research Training (ICTIRT) program in 2015.

With almost four years in the Department of Pediatrics and Child Health, Naveed has steadfastly advanced his career with a dedicated focus on contributing to the enhancement of children’s health, particularly for those in need in the context of Pakistan—a developing nation grappling with a substantial burden of childhood morbidity and mortality due to vaccine-preventable diseases. His area of interest revolves around vaccine effectiveness, antimicrobial resistance, service delivery, and overall health system strengthening.

During his exciting journey thus far, working in the field of public health research for more than half decade with a passion to improve the health of the children and generate meaningful evidence for impact. Throughout these years, he acquired skills in project management, team leadership, and collaboration building. Additionally, scientific writing has been an integral part of his journey and has successfully published more than 10 manuscripts in peer-reviewed journals.