Gamelin Research Group

Department of Chemistry, University of Washington

Development and Characterization of New Inorganic Materials
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Research Centers at UW

Current and Recent Collaborators

Dr. Gerd Bacher
University of Duisburg-Essen

Dr. Rudolf Bratschitsch
University of Münster

Dr. Scott Chambers
Pacific Northwest National Laboratory

Dr. John Gilbertson
Western Washington University

Dr. David Ginger
UW Chemistry

Dr. Xiaosong Li
UW Chemistry

Dr. Christine Luscombe
UW Materials Science & Engineering

Dr. David Masiello
UW Chemistry

Dr. James Mayer
Yale University

Dr. Stephen McDowall
Western Washington University

Dr. Andries Meijerink
University of Utrecht

Dr. Delia Milliron
University of Texas at Austin

Dr. David Patrick
Western Washington University

Dr. Philip Reid
UW Chemistry

Dr. Mikhail Zamkov
Bowling Green State University

Dr. Jialong Zhao
Jilin Normal University