Gamelin Research Group

Department of Chemistry, University of Washington

Development and Characterization of New Inorganic Materials
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The Gamelin group is a research group in the Department of Chemistry at the University of Washington. Our research targets the development and physical characterization of new functional inorganic materials with unusual electronic structures that give rise to desirable photophysical, photochemical, chemical, electronic, magnetic, or magneto-optical properties.

Group Updates

June 2024 We are excited to welcome our visiting REU scholars and our new undergraduate researchers to the lab!

Spring 2024 We congratulate Julie on graduating from UW! She's off to Columbia University for her Ph.D.!

Fall 2023 We welcome Celine, Nick N., Nick A., and John Paul to the lab!

Sept 2023 Congratulations to Eden Tzanetopoulos for passing her General Exam!

Aug 2023 Congrats to our REUs for a productive and impactful summer!

Aug 2023 Congratulations to Atch Gopalan for passing his General Exam!

June 2023 Summer REUs arrive and we're so excited!

May 2023 Dr. Diana Roh successfully defended her thesis. Congratulations Diana!

April 2023 Congratulations to Kimo Pressler for passing his General Exam!

April 2023 Eden Tzanetopoulos received the Renewable Energy Scholarship Foundation's 2023 BNSF Scholarship!

March 2023 Massive congratulations to Rachel Tenney for receiving the NSF-GRFP!!

March 2023 Dr. Kyle Kluherz successfully defended his thesis and is onward to a post-doctoral position at NREL. Congrats Kyle!

Feb 2023 We welcome Dr. Faris Horani and Ranye Anderson to the lab!

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