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Food & Hunger

What did you learn about dietary choices from using the footprint calculator? Now imagine that you could translate what you learned into an effective societal policy on food- what would it be? And how would this policy effect the need to alleviate world hunger?

925 million people on earth do not have enough to eat according to the FAO [Food and Agricultural Organization]. That's almost 1 in 7 inhabitants of our planet!

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Fast Food Burgers


According to (BBC) "A hamburger is not made of ham but of ground-up beef, shaped into a patty, which is then grilled and placed between the two halves of a sesame seed bun." This means it takes many cows and cattle to make these patties worldwide, like patties at home, restaurants, and fast food places. For my footprint, my footprint, my food Categorie was the highest. They feed the cows and the other cattle a lot of grains to fatten them up for slaughter. Something that I should probably cut down is the red fat meats like pork and beef.

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