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Recent posts:

Razvan Anghel   2023-05-05 09:59:35 (Last post: Yesterday 09:26:46) in Student Footprints
Recognizing My High Carbon Footprint and Taking Action

As I reflect on my daily habits and lifestyle choices, I cannot ignore the fact that my carbon footprint is pretty high. From the amount of energy I consume to the transportation I use, I recognize that I am contributing to the negative effects of climate change. It is time for me to take responsibility and make changes to remediate this impact. I will commit to reducing my energy consumption, using public transportation or walking instead of driving when possible, and recycling as much as I can. It is essential that I acknowledge my role in this issue and take proactive steps to reduce my carbon footprint for the benefit of our planet and future generations.

moroBOD   2023-05-10 16:40:02 in Student Footprints

I totally agree with you on reflecting on my own carbon footprint. I also feel a bit guilty for my carbon footprint being very high as well. I really like how you're self-aware and list ways to plan on changing it; I think that's very inspiring. I wonder how your experience in a different country varies from the experience with carbon footprints in the US?

SamanthaB-SJRState   2023-10-23 19:29:31 in Student Footprints

Hi! I love how you are taking action for your high footprint! I wish I lived in an area that I could do the same but it is just not feasible for me to do so. I already help out with my footprint because I do recycle, but it is the transportation that is getting me.

P. Montenegro-SJR   2023-10-23 20:35:18 in Student Footprints

That's a fantastic attitude man! You're right, we have to take responsibility for our footprints, even the smaller ones as it all makes a difference. We always have room for improvement so I'm sure that we all will be working on those areas of our lives that we can change to benefit our world.

Brayden - sjrstate   2023-10-23 23:40:48 in Student Footprints

Best of luck to you, Razvan. That is the first step that all of us as inhabitants of this beautiful planet must do if we want to see change for the better. We must admit to our mistakes and change and improve. If we all do that together, then there is still time to save the world.

Cnewton2005   2023-10-24 06:35:30 in Student Footprints

I agree with you completely. In day to day life we all use our cars frequently and don’t recycle bear as much as we should. Due to this we are not benefiting our environment in any way. Also walking/biking is always a great way to get exercise and reduce your carbon footprint.

MarcusD-sjr   2023-10-24 08:51:30 in Student Footprints

Congratulations, the dedication is the hardest part now. You have realized where you could to better now it is time to execute. I also see myself driving a lot or even just sitting in my car wasting gas and hurting the environment. I also will try to either car pool or ride a bike to somewhere that is close enough to ride to.

zoeym-sjrstate   2023-10-24 09:57:20 in Student Footprints

I love how you are able to realize a problem you are making and fix it that is very important to decreasing carbon emissions. I am sure after making these lifestyle changes that your carbon foot print will decrease greatly. I hope this path towards a more environmentally friendly lifestyle works out well for you.

AnnaK-sjr   2023-10-24 10:37:48 in Student Footprints

Hello! I love the self awareness from your post. You could not be more right, if everyone could use that attitude we would start to see some real change in the world. It seems to insignificant to just try and live your life a little differently to make a difference in the world. If everyone thinks that it doesn't matter if they contribute in small ways where they can because not enough people care about it then no progress is made. All it takes is recognizing where you go wrong and what you can improve to start little by little.

Henc   2023-10-24 13:28:37 in Student Footprints

I agree with everything you said about thinking about my carbon effect. I also feel bad that my carbon effect is so big. I like that you know yourself and have a plan for how you're going to change. That's very inspiring. I'm eager in learning how your experience with carbon footprints in another country is different from your experience in the US.

buffa25   2023-10-30 10:13:07 in Student Footprints

Very good that you know that you need to take action to reduce your carbon footprint. Keep up the mindset and you'll have that number down in no time.

Tc09   2023-11-02 08:40:46 in Student Footprints

This is a great way to see it! While one person making some changes in their methods won't save the whole planet, if enough people take action and work on their footprints, we will see a difference. It would be much better for our environment if more people carried the same mindset as you. Keep working on it!

Avery Marshmallow   2023-11-02 08:52:36 in Student Footprints

It is very admirable to not only see you reflect on your impact, but take action too. To take initiative and change how you do something is something that I believe more people should do. It seems a lot of people nowadays expect scientists or researchers to simply find a solution to global warming but don’t actually see their how much their own actions mean, and how much of a difference it would make if they tried. It is very hard sometimes to recognize when you are doing something bad and then have to change your ways when you have grown accustomed to it. I myself have a high carbon footprint as well and this inspires me to make a change too.

Dylnfndr   2023-11-02 08:56:32 in Student Footprints

It’s really cool that you are taking action to change your carbon footprint! All the things you mentioned are all really good ways to do so. I really like what you said about acknowledging your role too. I hope many more people choose to acknowledge their role so that we can slow or even stop climate change.

Davian112   2023-11-03 09:27:16 in Student Footprints

I understand I do have my fair share of contributing to this negative effect. I often try to recycle us as much as possible I also use public transportation to get home and school but I do notice I use a lot of electricity. I am almost always on my phone when I turn on the lights when it is not needed. My solution is to stop being on my phone and go outside  and pick up trash if I see some and stop wasting energy.

bellabean   2023-11-03 11:14:45 in Student Footprints

Hi Razvan,
I'm glad i'm not alone when it comes to my carbon footprint being higher than expected on things in my life i can easily work on not doing or using as much,your we'll both be helping our earth out a lot, We got this!

Mark_C_MChavez   2023-11-03 11:15:38 in Student Footprints

I am also ashamed that my carbon footprint is high but alas, with the conditions of living nowadays, it is impossible to stop using all of the stuff we need.

bellabean   2023-11-03 11:20:27 in Student Footprints

Hi Razvan,
I'm glad i'm not alone when it comes to my carbon footprint being higher than expected on things in my life i can easily work on not doing or using as much,your we'll both be helping our earth out a lot, We got this!

JacopoVailati   2024-04-26 10:33:51 in Student Footprints

It's so gratifying to see someone reflecting on the consequences their habits have on the environment.
It's important that we all recognise our impact, every single step is essential for the well-being of the planet.

Your initiatives are all good ways to reduce your footprint, you are an example for all of us to follow.

xoroBOD   2024-05-13 21:49:16 in Student Footprints

I can completely understand where you are coming from! It's refreshing to see someone who sees the issue of their carbon footprint and wants to fix it. I think that a lot of people should be this way and try to help fix this issue of the large amount of carbon in their footprints. When I was calculating my carbon use, I realized that there are a lot of things I should try to cut back on to help lower my carbon use. I now often feel a bit guilty for the amount of carbon I use in my day-to-day life and I want to strive for a better environment and try to find myself in a good mindset set as you have shown. I wonder how my carbon use would be different if I had been more aware of carbon and why it's bad for our environment.

Malcolm2   2024-05-14 14:33:15 in Student Footprints

I am glad that you have seen the impact that us humans have on the world. Although many of us may think that other people will handle this problem it is truly up to us in order to better the world ourselves.I have also felt this way through seeing how much power I use to play video games or how many lights I leave on in the house and I have also devoted my mind to think more about how I can be more sustainable and better the earth. according to an article published by the European Youth Portal they suggest that we eat less meat and if your willing to give that up then I think that is a great way in order to lower your carbon footprint, this is something I have worked on aswell

isHyBOD   2024-05-20 22:48:28 in Student Footprints

This takes a lot for some people to admit. I often feel guilty as to my carbon intake as well, Personally i have been trying less but i still use a good amount. It is admirable though that you can admit this and really try to take bigger steps. While it is also important to do what you can its also important to remember the role big cooperations. One big step you can take to help with reducing carbon as well is spreading word of how much these corporations put out. Try spreading knowledge about it to your community, or getting people to sign petitions. These are some other steps you can take to help with our carbon footprint.

giboBOD   Yesterday 09:26:46 in Student Footprints

I definitely agree with your view on this and it opens my eyes to be more aware of my carbon footprint. Being able to own up to these issues at a young age is a skill many people don't have. When you are aware of it young, it will benefit everyone in the future. We are the generation that can make or break our earth. I found it very interesting that even thought you are in a different country than me, we have very similar experiences with our feelings toward this issue.

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AbbrBOD1   2024-05-23 22:54:24 in Student Footprints
Planes and their effect on CO2 emissions into the atmosphere

Planes are a huge contribution to carbon emissions. For me personally and my carbon footprint, my transportation segment was up to 13,626kg which is very high considering the average in my region is 2,557kg. I was below average in all the other categories but transportation is what seemed to trip me up. According to sierraclub.org, just 2 people in a fairly efficient (30 mpg) car generates lower emissions per person than the average plane. To put this into perspective, one gallon of gas produces 19.37 pounds of carbon dioxide, and one gallon of jet fuel produces 21.50 pounds. Although plane rides are sometimes inevitable and we cannot completely avoid them, it is important to sometimes think about alternative options to flying and really run through how much CO2 the plane you're onis emitting into the atmosphere.

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LucasPartrite   2024-05-21 23:49:20 in Is Climate Change Real & Human-Caused?
Planes affecting the carbon footprint

Plane rides are one of the most carbon-emitting ways of transportation. From my personal carbon footprint, my transportation section was up around 6,000 kgs more than normal because I took many plane rides around the world. According to billiontrees.com, a plane emits around 90 kg of C02 per hour. To put that into perspective a normal car emits around 1 kg of C02 per hour. Planes emit way more carbon because they burn a lot more fossil fuels than any other type of transportation. A plane like a Boeing 747 uses approximately 1 gallon (about 4 liters) of fuel every second. Although it is hard to avoid plane rides, the next time you are on a plane think about how much carbon the plane is emitting into the

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marywalker   2024-05-20 23:32:00 (Last post: 2024-05-21 10:42:58) in Student Footprints
Greening Educational Resources for Students

There are therefore profound ways in which students can adopt the following to help to reduce their carbon footprint. One of the ways of converting it is through the transformation of physical resources to digital resources for academic work. For instance: Instead of re-printing out numerous drafts of a potential dissertation students can use online platforms and services. Instructors who require assistance to complete their work can easily look for services and get quality services by simply searching Google for Buy Dissertation Uk to help you get the best services as an instructor while remaining environmentally friendly. Students also save trees when they use computers as they replaced the drain of energy and cutting down trees during the writing process.

EldiBOD27   2024-05-21 10:42:58 in Student Footprints

I greatly agree with this statement. replacing physical resources to digital resources really could make a difference with reducing our carbon footprint by not using certain physical sources, like papers and such. Considering paper is more cheap than digital devices, do you think money could be a roadblock to this carbon footprint solution, considering some countries may not have the money to provide these digital resources? as stated in many sources, some countries do not provide money for education, like Comoros, where education spending is around 2.4% of the total GDP. In addition, At my old school, we could not afford enough computers for every class, resulting to most of our work being done on paper. Your idea displayed can definitely help many schools and students around the world reduce their carbon footprints, but I do think money could be a big factor between whether certain schools and students can or cannot switch to this decision.

source: https://finance.yahoo.com/news/25-count … otal%20GDP.

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dawiBOD   2024-05-21 07:53:40 in Clean Development
Clean Enviornment

In this world, people are still learning about the problems for combustion engines, and transportation such as cars planes and buses that have on the for the fossil fuels to our atmosphere. All transportation run by combustion engines releases mass amounts of fossil fuels into our atmosphere, which leads to climate change due to greenhouse gasses. Planes especially have a contribution to the fuels, since they are huge and need lots of power to take off and maintain speed while flying. Also, with millions of cars on the streets daily, fossil fuels are also being released at an alarming rate. Even electric vehicles require a lot of energy to produce which causes the release of fossil fuels. There are a few possibilities to where we can fix this problem. For one, taking public transportation is one of the best ways to begin shortening our carbon footprint. Two, buying electric vehicle takes a huge step from combustion engines, which will extremely shorten our carbon footprint. Although they require a lot of energy to produce, if used long enough, they are more efficient than combustion engines. And finally, making commercial electric planes will help reduce the carbon footprint of many travelers.

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ellawinnicki27   2024-05-15 22:33:00 in Wants or Needs?
Wants or Needs?

Clothing and purchases are a huge issue relating to carbon emissions. Not only do factories release harmful gasses into the air, but it is hard or almost impossible for the materials used to decompose. According to airly.org, factories emit lots of pollutants into the air, a main one being green house gases, which mainly consist of carbon dioxide. Especially this day in age, keeping up with the trends is super important, but at what cost? People need clothes, but many purchases people make are just wants to have more. But, the more people buy, the more impact it has on our environment. 10% of carbon emissions are due to fast fashion industries. This really has me thinking, is my next purchase worth it? What do you think? Next time I will try to think before I buy.

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Melissaschiopu   2024-05-14 23:33:38 in Is Climate Change Real & Human-Caused?
Schimbările climatice cauzate de oameni

Schimbările climatice reprezintă modificări semnificative ale climei Pământului într-o perioadă lungă de timp. Există o mare consens în comunitatea științifică că schimbările climatice sunt reale și sunt cauzate în principal de activitățile umane. Emisiile de gaze cu efect de seră, cum ar fi dioxidul de carbon, provenite din arderea combustibililor fosili, precum cărbunele, petrolul și gazele naturale, contribuie la creșterea temperaturilor globale. Defrișarea masivă a pădurilor este, de asemenea, un factor important. Aceste schimbări climatice pot avea consecințe grave asupra mediului și societății, inclusiv creșterea nivelului mărilor, fenomene meteorologice extreme și pierderea biodiversității. Este important să conștientizăm aceste probleme și să luăm măsuri pentru a reduce emisiile de gaze cu efect de seră și a proteja planeta noastră.

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elcoBOD   2024-05-14 14:28:36 in Now It's Time for Action
How does transportation affect the environment?

Vehicles such as cars are a big part of getting around in the present day. But the carbon footprint they leave is huge. Gas cars release about 1.5 billion tons of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere each year, as more cars are bought and produced the number quickly climbs. About 60% of Americans don't take public transportation or other forms of more environmentally acceptable transportation. Instead choosing to take their cars to travel, around 79% being gas cars. Instead, promoting public transportation or other forms of eco friendly transportation can support the ecosystem. Replacing travel with a gas car with public transportation reduces 45% of carbon emissions to the atmosphere, doing the same with a bike or walking can further help.

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ilya1   2023-04-28 11:14:12 (Last post: 2024-05-14 14:21:23) in Environmental Justice
coral bleaching due to climate change

One major habitat that is hugely impacted by an increase in temperatures is the coral reef. These groups of reefs serve as home to many incredibly diverse species. However, as the ocean temperatures rise due to the increase of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere, the corals go through a process called "bleaching." Corals have a symbiotic relationship with a kind of single-celled dinoflagellate called zooxanthellae. The zooxanthellae live inside the corals, giving them their vibrant colors and energy through photosynthesis while the corals protect the organisms. As the temperature of the ocean rises, the corals experience stress due to the shift in their environment, leading them to release the zooxanthellae. This rids them of their beautiful colors (hence the "bleaching" part) and their main source of food. So, as these corals starve and eventually die, all of the organisms that rely on the reefs as a habitat are also affected, effectively destroying an entire ecosystem. When such an important ecosystem is impacted so strongly, the rest of the world will be affected in some way, so it is vital that coral bleaching is stopped and measures are put in place to protect the reefs and other environments affected by climate change.

CAGR   2024-05-12 21:18:59 in Environmental Justice

I agree, coral bleaching is a very serious problem impacting our oceans, and there needs to be action to fight the massive disruptions to coral reef ecosystems. For example, many species are getting pushed out of coral reef ecosystems or having to adapt to their changing habitats. Invasive species, like lionfish, are also becoming a problem in these habitats. Research by NOAA outlines the effects of invasive lionfish on coral reefs and how they add to the stress of coral reefs.

fidaBOD   2024-05-14 14:21:23 in Environmental Justice

There is clearly a correlation between the two situations. in 1980 NOAA recorded an average ocean surface temperature of 0.25 degrees celsius. In 2022 the recorded an average of around 0.7 degrees celsius. Below is an image comparing images from the Great Barrier Reef from 1980 to 2020.

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Daria Gabriela   2024-05-14 11:46:58 in Clean Development
Spune NU poluării!!

Degradarea mediului înconjurător este un proces lent, dar sigur. În prezent, poluarea și epuizarea resurselor naturale reprezintă probleme ce afectează o mare parte din populația planetei.
A venit vremea să conștientizăm faptul că resursele naturale NU sunt interminabile și că orice mică acțiune pe care o exercităm asupra mediului înconjurător, cum ar fi simpla aruncare a unui ambalaj pe stradă, va avea consecințe negative.
Iată cum puteți contribui la protejarea mediului înconjurător:
1. Nu mai aruncați gunoaie pe jos!
Pentru început, adoptați un comportament ecologic prin a evita să mai aruncați gunoaiele direct pe stradă. Există recipiente speciale pentru colectarea deșeurilor, amplasate în fiecare oraș. Fiți cetățeni responsabili și încurajați reciclarea materialelor din sticlă, hârtie și plastic, plasând deșeurile în pubelele corespunzătoare.
2. Dacă dețineți o fabrică sau o firmă care poluează mediul prin arderea materiei brute, asigurați-vă că apelați la serviciile companiilor care se ocupă de colectarea și reciclarea deșeurilor industriale, cum ar fi GREENGlobal, pentru a reduce gradul de poluare.
3. Conduceți mai rar!
Mașinile poluează EXTREM de mult prin arderea combustibilului și evacuarea acelui fum negru și toxic, care este atât de nociv pentru mediul înconjurător.

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mashBOD   2024-05-14 09:59:26 in Sustainable City
Is more public transit the solution?

Although you may think that public transit can give off more carbon due to things like trains and subways being much bigger than the average car, that is actually not the case. Especially with big family cars like S.U.V.s, the standards car companies have to meet is much lower than the criteria that average public transit has to follow. Public Transit is made to have their vehicles emit less and less carbon every year, something that most companies do not follow. According to newyorker.com, car companies are able to classify S.U.V.s as trucks, making it so the window of carbon they are allow to emit is much larger than the average car. To conclude, yes more public transit is a solution to help stop climate change of carbon emissions.

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lubaBOD   2024-05-14 09:15:37 in MY Family Footprint
My Family Footprint

If I had my own home, something I would do to make it more energy efficient would be remembering to turn the lights off every time I leave the house and I won't be back for a significant amount of time.  I would get my electricity from solar panels that I would put up myself attached to the roof, and make sure to put up just enough so that I would solely need the energy produced by the solar panels to survive successfully in my home.
My house would be located somewhere near a city, so it would take less carbon emission to go places every time I had to go somewhere. I would also live somewhere by public transit so that it would be more eco-friendly to take the bus or the bart train once in a while. I would grow my own food in a garden in my backyard, so I wouldn't be wasting food or money.

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