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Recent posts:

ARocchetta   2022-11-16 15:15:44 (Last post: Yesterday 14:12:50) in Think Big
You can make a change

I feel that everyone can make a change and should try. You can help save the environment by doing the little things like turning off the lights in a room when you leave or turning off the water when you don't need it for example, when brushing your teeth turn the water off and when doing the dishes use a bowl of water instead of leaving it on. Also, you can carpool, which will also help with CO2 emissions. These little things might not seem like a lot but if everyone does it, there will be a change.

Hayden Fernandez   2023-10-30 10:44:34 in Think Big

I agree everyone can do these things and they take little effort but make huge difference.

Kinsey S   2023-11-03 09:02:06 in Think Big

I agree that all the little things can make a bigger impact if everyone does it. However, we still need to talk about the actual bigger and more complex issues. Such as deforestation and burning fossil fuel. These Big corporations and manufactures are creating a bigger impact on the planet then you can ever make in your life. Each year approximately 12 million hectares of forest are destroyed. Deforestation is responsible for roughly a quarter of global greenhouse gas emissions.And the burning of fossil fuels is the main cause of green house gases world wide.
https://www.un.org/en/climatechange/sci … ate-change

chardastar   2023-11-06 09:02:43 in Think Big

I agree that we can all individually contribute to the fight against climate change through our own actions and choices, however, there is only so much we can control. Unfortunately, no matter how many times an individual turns off the water while brushing their teeth, or engages in another environmentally friendly individual action, it cannot offset the damage done by large corporations. That is not to say that one should give up and not try at all- any water saved, cup recycled, distance walked, shirt thrifted, etc. is a triumph, but it simply does not have a large enough impact to make a very tangible difference against climate change. That impact must come from climate change policy! So advocate!

kierstins_roach   2023-11-17 23:36:16 in Think Big

I agree. Sometimes we cannot help ourselves when practicing everyday activities, such as monitoring our shower duration, or how many times we use our dishwashers in a day. This isn't our fault, we are just doing this so we can help ourselves. Although, if we do slow practices, I do believe that we can help out or climate, even if it's just a little bit.

Malachi24   Yesterday 14:12:50 in Think Big

I fully agree with that any and everyone can change the would. I agree because even though you aren’t in control of everything you can control what's in your control. What I mean is this is that you can use cold water once in awhile instead of hot. You could stop the the water after you get the water you need on your toothbrush. There are many more things you can do for the world and you should.

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sydcpetty   2023-11-26 12:57:29 (Last post: Yesterday 14:04:38) in Wants or Needs?
Wants or needs?- How can you reduce your product consumption?

A large issue in carbon emissions is the demand and production of goods. Businesses make more to provide for the amount demanded by the consumers. This causes increase in waste and carbon emissions during this process increase as well, impacting the environment. However, what if we start to reduce our consumption and begin to question if we can begin to be conscious of how much we are buying. Some ways you can do this is to switch to reusable products, such as metal straws, water filters, and cloth bags. You can also support sustainable brands that use eco-friendly materials and practices. By doing this, less waste will reduce your carbon footprint and communities can start to become more environmentally friendly.

Malachi24   Yesterday 14:04:38 in Wants or Needs?

I agree and disagree with certain aspects of this person’s view on wants and need. I agree with their view on wants and need because I get how not every consumer needs more materials, food, and clothes etc. Even though the consumer doesn’t really need more materials and etc, I think i also disagree because some people eat and buy this things that makes them happy which help the world so it really just depends on the citation and the person.

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Malachi24   Yesterday 13:31:20 in Clean Development
How is clean development beneficial to the environment?

The clean development mechanism is good for the environment. The clean development mechanism is good for the environment because it causes the carbon emission in countries that need their carbon emission to go down goes down at a high rate. Another reason and way the clean development mechanism works and is good for the environment is it doesn’t always cost money(recycling cans and bottles).

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Malachi24   2023-11-29 15:23:25 in Climate Change Resources
What climate change resources can reduce carbon emission?

Climate change resources are great for reducing carbon emissions. Climate change resources are great for reducing carbon emission because they renews the heat and energy that usually gets trap from the sun but, it gets but to good use like cars, air conditioning, solar panels and plenty more. Another climate resource that is great for reducing carbon emission are wind turbines. Wind turbines are good because they create wind without using any carbon emissions.

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Malachi24   2023-11-29 15:03:45 in Home Grown
How is home grown beneficial?

Home grown is very beneficial for the environment. I think homegrown can impact the environment positively because it reduces the carbon emissions. Carbon emission trap the sun's heat which causes climate change. Homegrown also offers more nutrients because you don’t have to worry about pesticides that are on local grown produce so, you will be eating pure grown produce. Homegrown overall just helps society because it makes people less sick and helps our global warming situation.

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Lucía Pastor   2022-04-22 11:47:07 (Last post: 2023-11-27 09:09:48) in Corporate responsibility
We buy things that are not necessary.

My carbon footprint is 7285kgs, which is not much since in my country there is an average of 6968kgs of carbon emitted. However, I could try to reduce it even more because I make some mistakes when it comes to protecting the environment. I should use fewer plastic bags when I carry my lunch to school and take a Tupper so I wouldn’t waste that unnecessary amount of plastic.
On the transport matter, I can’t do much to change the quantity of carbon that I emit because I live far from the city and from my high school so, I have to travel by car. Despite that, I could try to avoid the car whenever I can and walk as much as possible.
To conclude, I think that our society in general is very consumerist, and we buy a lot of things that we don’t really need such as food or clothes. I think that we as a group should try to consume less and just buy the necessary to live and not waste.

VELOKAMISY   2022-04-27 23:27:19 in Corporate responsibility

Yah, I am in the same case of you. I have a big carbon footprint. I use recycle bag to not use plastic bag and pollute the earth. Sometimes I use my bike or walk when it is possible, my high school it's very far from my home too, so the morning I walk to go at school but to go back home I take the bus. I would like to more discuss about that because I like the environnment so if you want you can come dicuss with me on my email adress: lymu.49@gmail.com

Joy Rothberg   2022-11-06 17:03:49 in Corporate responsibility

There is no voice too small to make the slightest or biggest impact on a situation that will, as time goes on, affect every human being on a global scale.

Corporations can indeed do more to combat climate change, by acknowledging their involvement and the effects they've had on their carbon footprint. Straws, for example, especially plastic ones, have made a dramatic shift in the retail and restaurant industry. It was only after advocates for those impacted by these plastic straws made their voices heard to stop the devasting effects they had had on turtles in the ocean and marine animals, in a more general sense.

We can only voice our opinion in rallies and peaceful protests to push change, and hopefully see change in response and acknowledgment of the efforts made by the protesters.

Joy Rothberg   2022-11-06 17:05:13 in Corporate responsibility

To rephrase what was said above by me, in terms of what we can do to voice our opinions, I would like to add that rallies and peaceful protests are ways in which we can promote and encourage change, but it is not limited to these actions.

folklore   2023-11-02 14:09:12 in Corporate responsibility

Every little thing that can be done to slow down climate change is important, but it doesn’t make that much of a difference unless everyone is doing it. While we should still do as much as we can individually, it would be more impactful if we could convince other people in our community to do small things as well. Perhaps we could buy reusable grocery bags for neighbors so they aren’t using plastic ones and offer to carpool with friends to save gas. A single person's low carbon footprint means nothing if it’s surrounded by high ones. The everyday lifestyle and norms participated in by everyone (especially in America) are the things that need to be changed the most.

159C519   2023-11-02 17:32:02 in Corporate responsibility

I also agree,
My carbon footprint was 18,464 and I did not think that my carbon footprint would actually be that high. Though my carbon footprint was so high because of transportation, so if I cut down the amount of trips that I take each year by plane and instead of taking a car ride to places, walking it would help decrease it drastically. There are many ways to reduce our carbon footprints drastically, but there is a difference between reading about them and acting upon them.

Pakhin   2023-11-03 08:53:49 in Corporate responsibility

I agree with you, we should try to buy more necessary things and less waste. And I recommend using a bike to travel to your high school, although it may not be a necessary item to have to live but it emits less greenhouse gases than the car. And instead of walking to your school and having to worry about waking up early and being late to school the bike would be faster than walking or running.

RyoC123   2023-11-27 09:09:48 in Corporate responsibility

I have a carbon footprint of around 17,000 kgs per year, but only 382 kgs of it comes from purchases. I believe that most corporations quite literally do not care about the environment and are only looking towards making bigger profits. We as consumers can always try and buy things that are friendly to the environment and use recyclable or reusable bags, but the corporations themselves are the ones that need to put their huge amount of money towards helping combat climate change.

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mxrc7   2023-11-09 03:26:21 (Last post: 2023-11-27 09:00:51) in Wants or Needs?

I think that traveling is something that pollutes a lot and it is more of a want than a need honestly, in my opinion traveling is good for your peace mind and disconnecting from
reality but when you travel quite a lot is not necessary and it pollutes a lot, so we should think more about the environment when traveling.

Kalen.1   2023-11-10 15:44:48 in Wants or Needs?

I both disagree and agree. Travelling can be a want, you want to go to Mexico with your family, or you want to go to Japan with your best friend. Those are wants. Travelling can also be a need though. People often travel for their line of work which then turns into a need. Sometimes you need to travel to make a living. So I see how flights can be a want and a need at different times. saying all this my opinion is that lots of flights can and should be avoided. Travelling for fun is great every once and a while, but if you look to help save the climate then avoiding flights should be a priority.

elliesimons   2023-11-13 21:00:57 in Wants or Needs?

i both disagree and agree with you. i think that it depends on how you look at it. For example, some people consider traveling as a want because its something they enjoy to do because they like exploring and new experiences. however for others, travelling can be seen as a need, especially if it has to do with work, education, or essential purposes, like getting medical treatments or visiting family members. i think that it really just various from person to person with their individual circumstances. with all that said, travelling is something fun to do but if you want to help save the planet then i think you should consider how much your travelling and try and reduce it as much as possible.

carbonara123   2023-11-13 21:53:07 in Wants or Needs?

I think that even if traveling is a want and not a need, it can be extremely helpful in seeing the bigger picture and having some perspective. Many people unconsciously assume that everywhere else in the world is making the same effort and having the same outcome as their country. When traveling, you often realize that some countries have done so much more to address the climate crisis. You may also see people and places that inspire you to continue fighting climate change, be it pristine or destroyed places.

elaria   2023-11-14 00:23:25 in Wants or Needs?

I think that travelling can be both a want and a need. We travel almost every day whether it’s by bussing, driving, or flying on a plane for various reasons. Sometimes we’ll travel somewhere because we want to, which may include going on vacation or even driving to the beach. But most of the time when we’re travelling it’s for something we need to do. Like getting to work, buying groceries, or going to school. I’m sure there are ways we can travel somewhere which will be more sustainable, but in some cases it’s unavoidable. Some people don’t have access to public transport and they live in remote areas where it’s too far to walk.

Millyvanilly   2023-11-17 11:52:29 in Wants or Needs?

For the most part I agree with this because as someone who has only really traveled for vacations and getaways, I can see how environmentally impactful (negative) this is, but I if I'm being honest, I tend to not think about it as much since I only focus on the fact I get to go and enjoy a holiday. But I also disagree in some aspects because ever since I moved to a different state, away from most family, I recognize that traveling is an essential aspect in my life, in order to see family and have those bonding opportunities I otherwise would not, I find it almost a necessity to fly home. Obviously when the cost is factored into it, I think most middle/lower class families would drive instead of fly, but honestly, most long-distance traveling isn't sustainable and isn't just going to suddenly disappear.

kierstins_roach   2023-11-17 15:36:21 in Wants or Needs?

I think that travelling is both a want and a need. Sometimes we travel to gain access to things that are not in our country (i.e. clothes, certain shops, etc.). Sometimes, we travel to visit family members who we don't see often. If we visit a family member that we don't see because they have (example) a medical condition that needs to be taken care of, that seems more like a need compared to a want. Essentially, I believe that visiting another place just to purchase new things just shows that it is more of a want than a need.

RyoC123   2023-11-27 09:00:51 in Wants or Needs?

I agree with you that traveling is a very big polluter, but I think that traveling is very necessary for a lot of people. I myself have family far away overseas and have to take 12+ hour flight to reach our destination. These are family members that are very close to us, and it is important that we meet them once in a while, but it is only about once every 1-3 years. While it is a fact that traveling emits lots of carbon into the environment, I think it is fine if done in moderation.

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RyoC123   2023-11-27 08:54:13 in Student Footprints
Reducing my Footprint

My total carbon footprint is 17,944 kgs per year with 4,286 kgs from my home, 4,052 kgs from foods, 382 kgs from purchases, and 9,223 kgs from transportation. In order to get this number lower, I have already asked my family about switching our house from using gas to using electricity. I have also stopped hand-washing dishes as much and instead used our dishwasher. While these things will definitely reduce how much carbon we are emitting, I am curious to know how some foreign countries have such little carbon emissions per year. I understand that the United States is one of the biggest carbon emitters, but I saw a school in Germany that had a mean total footprint of as little as 7 kg.

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sydcpetty   2023-11-26 13:26:41 in Food & Hunger
Food and Hunger- How can what you eat to reduce your carbon footprint?

The food you eat can impact your carbon footprint. To reduce it, do not waste because food that’s thrown away decomposes in landfills and emits methane, potent greenhouse gas. Reusable bags are also useful to avoid continuous plastic and reduce greenhouse emissions. More ways to reduce carbon through your diet is eat less meat, try plant- based protein, cut back on diary, eat more fiber foods, grow your own produce, don't eat excess calories, and purchase local food.

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sydcpetty   2023-11-26 13:05:59 in Student Footprints
Carbon Footprint Improvement

My total carbon footprint is 23,152 kg per year. With 18,539 kgs home, 3,301 kgs food, 231 kgs purchases, and 1,081 kgs transportation. I want to reduce my carbon footprint in my home because that is the main part impacting my footprint. I will do this by encouraging renewable energy sources like solar panels, energy efficient lights and appliances to my parents. Also, I will try to encourage my family including myself to produce less trash and reuse items more often. How do different cultures around the world maintain their household carbon footprint, when it is hard to control in certain communities?

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Lana Vugrinec   2023-05-04 11:46:15 (Last post: 2023-11-26 12:51:12) in Now It's Time for Action

We can do a lot of things to help to keep the enviroment healthy like simple recycling or just educate ourself about how important is to keep the enviroment healthy for futire generations.

Serenitie08   2023-11-05 15:02:47 in Now It's Time for Action

I agree, it seems though that many people seem to just brush off the little things we can do just like recycling and throwing away our trash.  Doing these things it will help our world stay clean and healthy as you said for future generations.

jaydo   2023-11-15 15:20:00 in Now It's Time for Action

I agree, though lots of people around us tend to just forget about keeping the environment healthy. We can educate and help people by just reminding them of ways to save the environment like throwing our compost in the compost instead of the garbage, throwing our plastic bottles in recycling bins and many more ways just to keep our environment healthy.

mattengle05   2023-11-26 12:51:12 in Now It's Time for Action

I agree, recycling and Enviromental education play crucial roles in preserving our planet. small actions collectively contribute to a healthier environment, ensuring a sustainable future to come.

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daniielaa123   2023-11-09 03:24:06 (Last post: 2023-11-26 12:46:45) in Wants or Needs?

From my perspective, phones are a necessity in the modern era due to their fundamental role in communication, access to information and various utilities. However, the choice of phone type may vary depending on individual preferences and needs. In short, they are essential, but personal choice plays an important role.

mattengle05   2023-11-26 12:46:45 in Wants or Needs?

I agree with you. Certain Wants and needs are definitely different especially with something like a phone and like you said it Vareis on the person. On terms of supporting our environment, we often only focus on what we want and disregard what impact it might have on the environment.

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