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Welcome to the September 2020 ISCFC discussion forum! We are now hosting our very own forum for this and future sessions!

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Recent posts:

lorlor   2020-03-12 02:01:46 (Last post: Today 15:03:09) in Student Footprints
Carbon Footprints

I believe we should pay more attention to our transportation and how much pollution it causes. We can improve by using less of the public transportation and start by walking or riding bicycles. Not only does it give us more exercise, it is healthy and is better for the environment. So, why not?

Abhi160707   2020-03-12 05:29:50 in Student Footprints

I believe this is a solution, but once you bought a car, what should you do with it.

LREgnierBOD1   2020-03-16 11:24:28 in Student Footprints

I also agree with this in that we should try to always ride our bike or just walk, but I also believe that taking public transportation is a solution to our carbon footprint. Many times we may need to travel somewhere farther than we can walk or ride a bike. A bus is a solution because it can reduce our carbon emissions and still be able to get to farther places. According to KCATA, "A single person who switches from 20-mile commuting alone by car to existing public transportation, can reduce their annual CO2 emissions by 20 pounds per day, or more than 48,000 pounds in a year. That is equal to a 10% reduction in all greenhouse gases produced by a typical two-adult, two-car household." This is because they are sharing 1 ride with many others who also would have traveled the same place but in another car, creating emissions that were not needed. Yes, public transportation is not perfect and still creates emissions, but it is still apart of our solution.

KSupeBOD3   2020-03-16 11:42:09 in Student Footprints

I believe that sometimes cars are necessary for transportation to certain areas. However, if it is possible to use public transportation or a bike, it would help bring down our carbon footprint significantly. Also, It can inspire others to do so as well.

Victoriayakovchuk   Yesterday 15:21:03 in Student Footprints

I like where this conversation is going. I also believe cars are necessary for certain  destinations. I never went to a place without a car honestly. Its either because the crime rates are not rare here where I am at so I don't think its a safe idea. Looking at my footprint, I have a very high transportation. I haven't traveled a lot this year but I did take a plane to Fl.

Victoriayakovchuk   Yesterday 15:22:21 in Student Footprints

I like where this conversation is going. I also believe cars are necessary for certain  destinations. I never went to a place without a car honestly. Its either because the crime rates are not rare here where I am at so I don't think its a safe idea. Looking at my footprint, I have a very high transportation. I haven't traveled a lot this year but I did take a plane to Fl.

lanuleina   Today 14:37:10 in Student Footprints

i agree that we should try and bike or walk because it reduces pollutions and can benefit our health, however i feel we should continue to use public transportation because instead of everyone on the vehicle driving a car and burning fossil fuels, they are all taking one vehicle, such as a train. one train is much better than, say, 40 cars.

rylanr   Today 15:03:09 in Student Footprints

I agree with this because, it is very important to watch your carbon footprint and the way we get around. Now that our technology is evolving I hope that eventually we will find a cheap sustainable, eco friendly way to get around instead of gas fueled cars.

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Ellam   2020-03-27 17:51:56 (Last post: Today 14:34:48) in Home Grown
Home Grown

Eating locally grown/ produced food is beneficial in many ways. Imported food often has to travel hundreds or even thousands of miles to get to us. That requires burning fossil fuels, which we all know is not good for our planet. Buying local is also good for your community. By buying local, you are supporting local businesses and families, instead of big corporations. You are also protecting local farmland, and creating more habitats for animals in your community. Buying local also provides more jobs for people in your community, which can benefit your friends, neighbors, and even family. Overall buying local, will strengthen your community and the environment.

Audrieh   2020-09-18 15:31:42 in Home Grown

I agree with your statement of buying local. Like you said, buying local kind of cuts out the middle man which reduces the distance the product has to travel to get to your table. This helps with the burning of fuels and emotions put out into the air.

Vleon   2020-09-18 18:42:52 in Home Grown

Yes! This is a fun  project my family and I have been doing, growing as much of our own food as possible. It is all trial and error, but I know it will all be worth it at the end.

zanep-sjr state   2020-09-20 17:37:35 in Home Grown

i definitely agree with you, eating locally grown food is a great way to reduce our footprint and growing your own is a very fun way to do it as well.

Len1994   Yesterday 16:04:06 in Home Grown

Yes, I agree that eating locally grown and produced is very beneficial. For example, locally grown food is fresher, has more sustainable farming practices, and emits less carbon dioxide into the atmosphere because it goes a shorter distance.  According to epa.org, transportation accounts for 28.2% of all greenhouse gas emissions.  So anything we can do to decrease that amount will surely have a positive effect. What will also help is decreasing the amount of air-freighted food. According to ourworldindata.org “Very little food is air-freighted; it accounts for only 0.16% of food miles. But for the few products which are transported by air, the emissions can be very high: it emits 50 times more CO2eq than boat per tonne kilometer.” Like you said, buying local food also helps keep local business stay in operation which is great for the economy.

Len1994   Yesterday 16:05:51 in Home Grown

Yes, I agree that eating locally grown and produced is very beneficial. For example, locally grown food is fresher, has more sustainable farming practices, and emits less carbon dioxide into the atmosphere because it goes a shorter distance.  According to epa.org, transportation accounts for 28.2% of all greenhouse gas emissions.  So anything we can do to decrease that amount will surely have a positive effect. What will also help is decreasing the amount of air-freighted food. According to ourworldindata.org “Very little food is air-freighted; it accounts for only 0.16% of food miles. But for the few products which are transported by air, the emissions can be very high: it emits 50 times more CO2eq than boat per tonne kilometer.” Like you said, buying local food also helps keep local business stay in operation which is great for the economy.

lanuleina   Today 14:34:48 in Home Grown

i completely agree! buying produce locally and even growing your own at home has many many more benefits than we realize. we can save our plant and in turn, save ourselves.

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lanuleina   Today 13:58:57 in Wants or Needs?
wants or needs?

There is a very large difference between what we want and what we truly need. Many of us likely have many more clothes than we need, so by really looking into our wardrobe and planning outfits we can reduce trips to the clothing store. We also naturally grow out of clothes fast, so by giving what we no longer need to places like thrift stores, we can not only reduce our footprint but provide clothes to those who need them more than us. Another want is getting the latest or fanciest electronics. Laptops require less energy than desktops, and we don't always need the latest phone. When in the store, by opting for simpler packaged items, we can be much more eco-friendly even if we don't like the way it looks.

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lanuleina   Today 13:36:27 in MY Family Footprint
my home

if i were to have my own home, i would likely use solar panels. i would also try to work with a neighbor or friend to create an at-home garden to reduce trips by car to the grocery store. i could run around the neighborhood or construct an at-home gym to avoid more unnecessary trips. ideally i would live near my work or school but if i were unable to do that i would want to be near public transit options. i would also make sure to recycle, compost, and keep reusable bags on hand in order to reduce my footprint and create a sustainable home.

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J0HN135   2020-09-18 18:33:15 (Last post: Today 13:22:32) in Student Footprints
How to reduce one's carbon footprint- Post 1

There are many ways one can reduce their carbon footprint. One being what we eat and how we go about eating. Livestock and dairy are responsible for 14.5% of the manmade global greenhouse gas emissions. Plants help reduce the carbon levels, so why not plant more plants on the space that is being occupied by cattle. So now instead of causing more CO2 emissions we are helping lower it. What would we eat? Vegetables we grow. Instead of growing crops to make into feed for animals, we grow crops to eat them ourselves. Also you can reduce your food waste by planning meals ahead of time and eating leftovers. Planning meals ahead of time could be the difference in having to drive to the store everyday to get something to make for supper and  only having to drive to the store once every 2 weeks to get things to eat for the next few weeks.

Source: https://blogs.ei.columbia.edu/2018/12/2 … footprint/

Nariki   2020-09-20 14:46:53 in Student Footprints

I agree with you. For example, my parents go shopping every 2 days or even every day because we are too used to always eating. So to limit the carbon footprint, I think that we should in addition to shopping 1 times every 2 weeks, try to take local products or products that have not traveled much and if possible grow fruits and vegetables at home.

Victoriayakovchuk   Yesterday 15:57:04 in Student Footprints

Driving to the store for food, both affect climate change and the environment. I also agree and believe we should limit the amount of times we drive out but also count how many miles we are driving. Many of my neighbors including my family grow their own food. We also have a small market/ farm selling organic food. These ideas are beneficial to our environment. Plants can reduce carbon dioxide levels which can benefit climate change by a little. It can also reduce shopping trips so you don't need to drive as much.

lanuleina   Today 13:22:32 in Student Footprints

There are many ways to reduce one’s carbon footprint. You can cut down on unnecessary trips by car by planning out your week, including hanging with friends, or going to the store. Another way is by taking a long walk or a quick bike ride down to the library or restaurant instead of driving. Bagging tends to go over your head when at the store but by bringing your own reusable bags or buying items with eco-friendly packaging you can reduce your footprint.

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myab   2020-04-11 19:12:37 (Last post: Yesterday 18:44:24) in MY Family Footprint
My home

My home could be more eco-friendly but I'd say its better than the average home. I live in an approximately 4500 sqft house. Our heating is solar powered which I'd say is pretty cool. in our house, my family is working on shutting the lights off when it is a nice day or when we are not using them. Even though I have 91 light bulbs in may house, they are all LED. Next year my family is planning on building a new house and hopefully we will have solar lighting.

PamMiller   Yesterday 18:44:24 in MY Family Footprint

You can probably research many ideas for making your future home more environmentally friendly, energy efficient, and connected to nature.

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PamMiller   Yesterday 18:30:20 in ISCFC Schools in the News!
Bishop O’Dowd Posts (BOD)

Dear BOD Students, It is wonderful to see your posts with supporting resource links. Many thanks!

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Gisella   2020-03-16 05:52:19 (Last post: Yesterday 16:55:26) in Wants or Needs?
Clothes and shoes

Do we really NEED all the clothes we buy or do we only buy them because we want to? Could we change the way we think and start buying only the things we need?

MQuickBOD4   2020-03-16 10:02:42 in Wants or Needs?

I think you have a really good point, we probably don't need as many as the clothes we own. But, I think the problem is not having too much, but how it is made and the waste afterward. For example, making one pair of jeans uses about 1,800 gallons of water, if we can cut that down those types of waste factors then I don't see that huge of a problem in having all the clothes you own. In general, though, it is always best to know if your clothes are getting made in a sufficient way that is healthy for the environment.

TBarsiBOD2   2020-03-16 10:26:50 in Wants or Needs?

In my opinion clothes are essential to life, they keep you warm and are apart of your own unique style. I think that we need clothes, but people don't need as many clothes as they have. Shoes are a huge part of something that one may own to many of. Many people collect and have five or more pairs of shoes, it takes 2,257 gallons of water to make one pair or shoes. This is something as a nation and globe we need to cut down on. Shoes are essential, but having even three pairs of shoes is very harmful to our environment. Jeans use 1,800 gallons of water for one pair and for one t-shirt 400 gallons. There has to be some way that globally we can cut down to make still comfortable, stylish, and warm clothing, but use less water and other resources. The amount of resources used to make the clothes you buy probably isn't advertised, maybe if there was a way to know if you are buying resource friendly clothes you could start to make a difference. Also buying a lot of new and expensive clothing isn't very smart if you are not fully grown because you will just grow out of it and the clothes will go to waste. One way this is avoidable is to hand down used clothes that don't fit to siblings, friends, or donate them so that they can be reused and not wasted. Check out this link for more details about the amount of resources used to manufacture the clothes you wear everyday. https://www.the71percent.org/industrial-water-usage/

MCortesschuBOD2   2020-03-16 10:57:21 in Wants or Needs?

Clothes though they are basic essential, for many a big part of expressing themselves and their Identity., Wich is why it can be so hard to cut down. Most people are stuck on fast fashion. Even if you are one of these people who feel like they need lots of clothes, there are ways to cut down. Instead of buying lots of low-quality clothing that does not last long, you can take the time to buy high-quality basic items and build off of that. You can also switch to eco-friendly brands. Also, another thing to do is to donate your old clothing. Lastly, take the time to ask yourself, Do I really need all this?

MTarvinBOD3a   2020-03-16 12:09:34 in Wants or Needs?

I think that clothes are a necessity, but in many cases, people buy them not because they don't have enough clothes, but because they want something new. There are ways we can change the way we think and start to limit how much we buy, but that would be very difficult to achieve. Alternatively, we can start to buy items that are made from organic fibers. According to an article about Fashion's Environmental Impacts, these organic fibers do not require chemicals to be produced and are healthier for the environment. These alternatives will help the environment, and allow you to keep your own style. Lastly, I would like to ask why you think people have the need to buy new things so often.

This is a link for a website about organic and natural fibers.
https://www.sustainyourstyle.org/old-en … al-impacts

STamorBOD3   2020-03-16 12:27:31 in Wants or Needs?

I think that many people DO need to buy clothes but many people continue to buy clothes after they have enough.  Many people think that it is fun to buy clothes and to style themselves but it crosses the line because they do not need to they are making unnecessary waste.  I think it would be a good idea to stop buying a lot of clothes that we do not need because it will cut down on waste, and at the very least, it would not be contributing to the ongoing production of these clothes.  We could also start buying from companies that recycle their textiles in order to cut back on waste that happens when making clothes.  Another small thing that we can do to cut back on waste is to start bringing reusable bags when shopping instead of using paper or plastics.

this is a link for zero-waste fashion tactics

MMcCarthyBOD3a   2020-03-16 12:49:04 in Wants or Needs?

I agree with what everyone is saying. Clothes are essential in our day and age. However, the amount of clothes most of us have (or at least people under similar circumstances as me) is extensive. Many of us have clothes sitting in our closets that never get worn. Now, I am not religious but in the story of Adam and Eve, they only discover clothing once they've eaten the forbidden apple. They started wearing clothes because they felt ashamed of themselves and felt the need to cover up. People today to similar things. They buy the clothing that covers their anxieties or makes them feel more confident. As people's identities and fashion choices change, people buy more and more clothing. I think expressing oneself is really important, but I also think we should recycle our clothing, donate, or only buy what we absolutely need. Similarly, people feel obligated to keep up with the latest fashion trends which are constantly changing. This causes people to feel the need to buy new clothes. Each of these reasons as to why clothing adds to a person’s carbon footprint can be diminished and changed through a person’s perspective. I believe people should do their best to reduce the amount of things they buy and recycle clothing when possible whether it’s buying it or donating it. I also think that people need to be more aware of the brands they support. For example, Nike is a very common brand but they do not use sustainable methods in the creation of their products. The factories themselves emit 193,000 metric tons of carbon dioxide a year and the employees are not treated well. Overall, I do not think that we need all the clothes that we have. We should reduce the amount we buy and only support sustainable clothing companies/brands.

faaitae23@bishopodowd.org   2020-03-17 12:12:35 in Wants or Needs?

I definitely agree with all of you. I do think that clothes are abasic essential and obviously something we use in our daily life. Clothes help people express themselves let alone keep people warm and comfortable. I would have to say that it should not be that hard to limit the number of clothes someone buys. I think some people buy clothes just to buy clothes and not really what the aftermath is. Many people buy clothes because of many different reasons, one being anxiety or insecurities. I agree that it is especially important to be able to express yourself but it wouldn't hurt to reuse or recycle or even reduce the number of clothes you buy.

SshabazzBOD7   2020-03-17 12:27:54 in Wants or Needs?

I feel like you need the clothes that you buy but some people get too many clothes. If you have enough money and you have the flexibility to buy want you want than you can.

DPalaciosBOD7   2020-03-17 12:43:37 in Wants or Needs?

This is an excellent point. Many people buy multiple pairs of shoes when only one, maybe two pairs are absolutely necessary. Clothes is something that people need, but people often purchase excessive amounts of clothes. And when clothes are too small to fit, people throw them out instead of selling them to their clothes, or giving them to places like Goodwill or the Salvation Army. On the topic of said places, people could get old, reused clothes from places like these instead of going out to buy new clothes every few weeks/months.

Sidney S - SJR State   2020-09-18 13:55:43 in Wants or Needs?

Coming from an American point of view, we live in a capitalistic society. Everything is based off of consumerism and business. While I don't believe this is totally a bad thing, I am a business major myself, it just pushes unhealthy ideologies. We are living in the era of a technological explosion. Even in my short 20 years I have seen how technology such as cellphones, laptops, and vehicles have changed and evolved so quickly. Everyone is focused on how far they can push technology and science, without thinking of the negative impacts that can happen as a result. This is especially dangerous to our ecosystem. The United States is already one of the most wasteful counties in the world and that is because of our consumerism and materialism. We can never be satisfied, new is never new enough.

lexielesh   2020-09-23 11:06:00 in Wants or Needs?

I think people could change the way they think. Clothes are an essential, but people buy and buy so many clothes without thinking about how excessive it is. I believe people should start changing the way they think and buy only the things they need- not only would it help worldwide carbon footprint-but with saving a lot of money.

loelia   2020-09-23 22:26:47 in Wants or Needs?

Personally, I do not think everything we buy is necessary. We do not need large quantities of clothing. It is partly society that forces us to consume because we must obey fashion standards. In the end, we do not buy clothes out of pure necessity but because we want to please ourselves. The purchase of clothes or shoes can even become an impulse. The problem is that all these clothes must be manufactured in very large quantities by factories, the latter having a fairly high carbon footprint.

ahmemaro45   2020-09-24 07:19:21 in Wants or Needs?

I agree with you. I'm pretty sure we need enough clothing that lasts, besides from that we don't need to purchase any more clothes. Anything else is a want, if you have enough clothes to survive then any other additional clothing is a want.

DanazK   Yesterday 12:52:07 in Wants or Needs?

I do not think that we need all the clothes we buy. I have noticed that sometimes I buy clothes just because I like the style of it or it is on sale, I do not buy it because I do not have anything to wear. I think that all of us should start thinking about this and try to cut back on our purchases that are not necessary.

Len1994   Yesterday 16:55:26 in Wants or Needs?

We don’t really need to buy that many clothes or shoes, but here’s the thing, it’s not necessarily the action of buying these clothes that is damaging our environment, it’s the creation phase and the discarding phase. One of the key players in this discussion is the topic of fast fashion. Fast fashion is the act of making trendy, cheap clothes that are”disposable”. According to cbsnews.com the total greenhouse gas emissions related to fast fashion emitted 1.2 billion tons per year which was more than all international flights and shipping overseas combined. If people only wear clothes for nine months longer, you can reduce your carbon footprint for that article of clothing up to 30%. Creating our clothes can also be very wasteful and uses an excessive amount of resources. Growing the cotton to create a jacket uses roughly 2,700 gallons of water which is about 24 years of drinking water for a single individual.

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Noracarlon   2020-09-23 18:30:33 (Last post: Yesterday 15:45:56) in Student Footprints
Other alternatives to flying

I fly on usually 10 times a year between vacations and visiting family and my Significant other. I never really stopped to think about the damage I was potentially doing to the environment. Is there another way to visit and stay close to the ones you live without flying and burning so much jet fuel? I would driving wouldn’t be much better because of all the gasoline it would take to travel across the country 10 times? What other options do we have in making family a priority and keeping mind distance relationships.

Aerot   Yesterday 03:28:06 in Student Footprints

Traveling by train might be the better option (if the travel is less than 5h). For same distance a train journey emits on average nearly 40 times less CO2 than a plane journey. Buses are another option too as they also cut down by half the emissions a plane does. Otherwise i fear you might still need to take planes, but if it's for your family...

Victoriayakovchuk   Yesterday 15:45:56 in Student Footprints

Riding on a train sounds like a better decisions. I went on a plane that took 3 stops, when traveling to and back, this made a massive change on my footprint results. I don't go to far places often, everything around us is like 5 minutes away from my house. So traveling on a airplane was a big deal. The burning fuel on the plane releases a lot of carbon dioxide/ energy. I found an interesting fact that an average commercial aircraft would fly 3000 hrs per year. (If you look it up, a lot of websites agree on 3000 hrs). Imagine all the carbon dioxide entering in Earth's atmosphere.

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egum   2020-09-23 19:03:44 (Last post: Yesterday 10:47:37) in Is Climate Change Real & Human-Caused?
is climate change real and human causes?

Yes it is real because it do to our environment.

antoine13   2020-09-24 15:15:42 in Is Climate Change Real & Human-Caused?

yea we need to start doing that

Friarn7078   2020-09-24 17:01:11 in Is Climate Change Real & Human-Caused?

It is very real. If you look at recent studies and articles over the last few years you will see how bad its gotten over the last century. At this point its fixable, it would just require a lot of effort.

Ikhbileg Bolor   Yesterday 10:47:37 in Is Climate Change Real & Human-Caused?

Yes The Climate is changing and our environment and yes it is humans cause because we have developed so much with electronic and people are using like fans, Cars and others. We humans have changed our world we used to just send email now we can just send it thru our phone in only few Minutes and we can communicate with people with ease but we also use our phone to look at other people and get distracted and we use it to play games alot. One minute of phone time can cause 57g of CO2 which is same as apple.

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Ikhbileg Bolor   Yesterday 10:41:50 in Student Footprints

My Student footprint is below the average people use in my area. I don’t use fans when its not necessary i only use it when i can’t take the heat or the cold. When its cold i could wear some warm clothes or be in my blanket or when it's hot i can just be in a cold shower to be cold and be feel nice after.

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Ikhbileg Bolor   Yesterday 10:38:12 in Wants or Needs?
Wants or Needs

Why do you need new phones your old phone is still working fine and its still in shape and why should you buy something you don't really need, Phone were suppose to be to communicate with people but now its comnnucate, Games, Posting about themselves.

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