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Welcome to the September 2021 ISCFC discussion forum!

Welcome to the September 2021 ISCFC discussion forum! We are now hosting our very own forum for this and future sessions!

Look to the right side of this page, and you will see a series of Student Discussion topics listed. Students: you should look through those topics, read other students' comments, post replies, and add your own thoughts. Join as many discussions as you like!

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Recent posts:

JessicaLima   2021-11-29 12:09:03 in Student Footprints
Student Footprints

Excited to see all my student's footprints!!

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nb41701   2021-11-15 09:20:12 in Now It's Time for Action

It do be time for dat action

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Luisito21   2021-11-10 09:42:39 in Extreme Weather
Greta Thunberg llega hasta la ciudad de San Francisco en un Mural

El artista del graffiti Cobre ha plasmado en la pared a la joven activista Greta Thunberg, la cual mira directamente a cada uno de los transeúntes de la ciudad de San Francisco, y hacerles saber, que el temido cambio climático tal y como nos recordó la obra de Banksy en su momento, es un hecho y que debemos actuar ya, o los efectos serán drásticos para el planeta.

El graffitero Cobre comentó en una entrevista;  «Mi arte callejero sobre Greta Thunberg, no es un tema político, es la referencia al ser humano, no nos importa lo que la gente piense de Greta, este mural es la obra que ensalza su palabra, el cambio climático es real y si no hacemos ya lo que nos toca, no hay futuro para nuestros hijos».

El artista argentino fue llamado por la organización climática One Atmosphere al saber que cobre querí pintar en san francisco. Cobre es conocido por su street art de caras tan famosas como el de Robin Williams, Frank Sinatra, Prince o Dalí, entre muchos otros.

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akhavane0593   2021-10-07 20:53:13 (Last post: 2021-11-02 10:15:30) in Food & Hunger
a lot waste

I'll never understand how we can keep consuming, buying, and discarding things while there are those on the other side of the world who have nothing.

M1k32   2021-10-29 03:38:39 in Food & Hunger

So your suggestion is that we should stop eating?!

hodin   2021-11-02 10:15:30 in Food & Hunger

@M1k32: I think there is some possibility between *not eating* and wasting food right?  Liek for example, limiting your food to what you will actually consume (so as not to throw away uneaten, wasted food), and not overindulging in climate damaging foods like beef?

It's not very helpful for you to caricature @akhavane0593's comment like you did.

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Sufian   2021-10-29 12:05:48 in Food & Hunger
Food and Hunger

We can reduce carbon emissions by refusing to drink dairy milk. To produce more dairy milks takes more water and cows produce manure that leads to more water consumption. It also takes land to take care of the cows. Eating plant based milk wont need much water and produce less carbon emissions. It comes with benefit for our health.

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safetytorch2   2021-10-29 03:46:16 in Environmental Justice
Who caused climate change?

Maybe you should think about if the people caused it themselve or could it be our system?
Is capitalism really the solution or must we overthrow it?

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claudii12   2021-10-20 09:48:41 (Last post: 2021-10-20 10:21:26) in Student Footprints

1-Be vegetarian
2-Eat meat that is made with less water
3-Cut down on meet and Eat more fish
4- The light

claudii12   2021-10-20 10:21:26 in Student Footprints

2-be vegetarian
3-Eat more chicken than meat
4-Cut down on meat and eat more fish

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wangn8963   2021-10-07 10:11:32 (Last post: 2021-10-19 20:24:42) in Student Footprints
Carbon Footprints in California

California is a relatively large state in the United States, with over 20 million people. It's average person's carbon footprint is around 9kg. However, worldwide, the average carbon footprint is only 3kg. Why is it that California's average carbon footprint is nearly triple the amount of the worldwide average?

Aloo   2021-10-07 10:23:25 in Student Footprints

My guess is because we drive our individual cars more instead of using public transport, we also eat more and shop more than most other places, when you add it all up it makes sense but it's still kinda sad.

Aloo   2021-10-07 10:25:17 in Student Footprints

My guess is because we drive our individual cars more instead of using public transport, we also eat more and shop more than most other places, when you add it all up it makes sense but it's still kinda sad.

Aloo   2021-10-07 10:28:50 in Student Footprints

I didn't mean to post that twice and I don't know how to delete the second one ?

Yaser Hosainy   2021-10-07 11:08:49 in Student Footprints

I agree with you, California's highways are the worst, the big traffic queues, dangerous car accidents, the big cities without a single tree, deforestation, wildfires........

Yaser Hosainy   2021-10-19 11:32:54 in Student Footprints

People have to use public transportation, better for the environment.

wapplegate12348   2021-10-19 20:24:42 in Student Footprints

Comparing California, a highly developed state to worldwide carbon emissions, where many third world countries can weigh down the average isn't the best comparison. If you look at the US average, 16 tons per person, CA is 5.5 tons below that average. When comparing a highly developed state to other developed states you will see that CA is on the lower end of carbon emissions.

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JaxxD   2021-10-18 13:52:04 in Student Footprints

I had a little over a the average footprint for my area but my friend had over DOUBLE the average. We need to seriously reduce our footprint.

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JaxxD   2021-10-18 13:42:30 in Home Grown
Natural Foods

My family and I grow a garden every spring. We have three planter boxes plus multiple pots full of herbs, strawberries, and different flowers.

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bakial02   2021-10-18 09:01:48 in ISCFC Schools in the News!
reuse of plastic

To be honest every human being are lazy. Because recycling stuff such as bottles take up space and time which cause people to throw them into trash. It would be nice if we human could use those stuff over and over.

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Jalen256   2021-10-18 08:40:16 in Environmental Justice

Instead of recylcing many things that we use we can come up with a method for every type of reusable items. This will allow all items to be reused in a proper way. This is more effcient for the enviroment

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