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Welcome to the September 2021 ISCFC discussion forum! We are now hosting our very own forum for this and future sessions!

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Recent posts:

kristrunhuang   Today 10:18:13 (Last post: Today 13:28:09) in Student Footprints
my carbon footprint

my test results showed that I was under average both in my country and the world which surprised me because I don´t really think that much about climate change. But that´s good and I can just continue on the same track or I can try to reduce my carbon footprint even more by walking more or recycle my trash.

2nfIII   Today 10:37:29 in Student Footprints

you are a good man

JulianBHS   Today 10:40:22 in Student Footprints

Good man

kylev   Today 10:40:38 in Student Footprints

Americans produce a lot more carbon emissions than the rest of the world, noticeably. I think this is important when it comes to climate change, what exactly causes this?

Jaewon   Today 13:28:09 in Student Footprints

yeah we did this in class and a kid behind me got over 40,000. painful to hear, i thought mine was high but compared to many of my classmates its nothing.

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MMP   Today 12:38:58 in Food & Hunger
Food & Hunger

Countries should ban import of food that is already locally produced like meat, vegetables, fruits, etc.

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Jaewon   Today 09:22:35 (Last post: Today 11:56:14) in Reuse & Repurpose
fast fashion stuff

one thing that would be better to stop is fast fashion company's like shien or romwe, its just cheap clothing that doesn't last and I see people who buy a ton of it when they can afford better things. basically fast fashion doesn't do anything good and just lets people feel like cloths are comply worthless since they can always get more. idk I saw a yt video on this and though it was kinda related.

MMP   Today 11:56:14 in Reuse & Repurpose

I agree, like you said the clothes don´t last as long and therefor they can´t be reused and donated when you outgrow them. Also, people tend to buy these clothes because they are cheap but when you buy so much of them you might as well buy something more expensive that would last you much longer and donate it later on.

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Jaewon   Today 09:30:54 (Last post: Today 11:24:06) in Corporate responsibility

why the heck is climate change political.

pippaharpster   Today 09:33:34 in Corporate responsibility

Because corporations are the main producers of carbon, and those corporations are political hmm/////. In short, capitalism.

yhluca   Today 10:18:25 in Corporate responsibility

large corporations cause most of the Co2 production

kylev   Today 10:33:30 in Corporate responsibility

Capitalism provides a free market, so companies cannot be controlled by the government, however, I do think that is important that there be laws against things like burning fossil fuels, like how there are safety regulations and the fda and all. I think people should protest.

NiCkwe   Today 11:24:06 in Corporate responsibility

Politics include money and if there's a change in ways to make it in the country they sadly need to know about it.

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Robynn.   2021-02-19 15:47:51 (Last post: Today 11:20:36) in Think Big
More learning in schools

Reducing our carbon footprint is something we need to do urgently. It is something every student should be passionate about. In order to do this, I think we must learn about the effect it has on our future. Maybe if professionals came into schools or a regular basis the message would get across.

Mimi47   2021-02-19 16:38:38 in Think Big

Yes I agree that it is very important to discuss climate change in schools to be able to push for change. Especially since younger generations are the ones who are most likely going to be able to change the world. In order to do this we need to find new more engaging ways to educate people and students. I think this because I find that many people have heard of climate change and don’t want to again when it’s something that we can’t just ignore. I think having people like you said come into schools and start up projects that bring awareness about this issue would be more effective because, it lets students explore the topic in a different way while still being able to educate others.

makstomljenovic   2021-02-19 17:11:12 in Think Big

i see where you are going a i think that also. we should be learning more about it because are parents don’t go to school we do so we can learn about it an teach are parents and they can start a change

pzoe (canada)   2021-02-19 17:20:30 in Think Big

I also agree that we should implement more lectures about climate change-related issues (like the increasing amount of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere) in education systems worldwide. Like user Mimi47, I have also noticed that not everyone is the most knowledgeable about the topic of climate change. I myself did not know much about what climate change really is, what causes it, and how it affects everyone and everything on this planet until recently. Most people seem to have the basic idea and even false ideas (for some) of what climate change is. However, I think basic knowledge about this topic is not enough. Everyone should know that our individual actions are causing climate change to occur at a faster rate. We should all be educated about how we can help reduce the negative effects of our daily activities on the environment. Learning about how we can take action and actually execute it can lead to change for the better. I believe that we should all be aware of this issue to a certain degree. Educating the youth is a good place to start because we still have many years ahead of us to fix the wrongs of the generations prior to ours. We can also make a bigger impact by the influence of social media to spread more information about climate change.

2nfIII   Today 10:32:46 in Think Big

i agree but i also think that it might be hard to schedule and hard for children of younger ages to understand

Sand James   Today 10:38:56 in Think Big

Completely agree, the generation that is in school right now are going to be the ones to really make a change with the climate crisis, they are the ones that need to be educated at a very early age.

NiCkwe   Today 11:18:37 in Think Big

I agree that it should be an important discussion in schools because one of the main reason we haven't acted already is the lack of education on this topic.

carolynrreid   Today 11:20:36 in Think Big

I agree, the people that we are teaching now are the people who are the ones that will be able to make a change, and if we teach them how to make a change then we can help slow down climate change.

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Petra Va   2021-05-21 09:33:49 (Last post: Today 11:20:29) in Now It's Time for Action
This world would be a better place if...

We bought recycled and used clothes, instead of spending hundreds of dollars on clothes that are probably going to sit in our closets. Or atleast buy ecologically accepted clothes that can be recycled. Should we do that? What are some other helpful solutions? Let me know what you think? smile

Antonio Esposito   Today 03:27:29 in Now It's Time for Action

the world would be better if the economic balance would be adequate in every family so as to be able to contribute to general eco-sustainability

Sand James   Today 10:37:15 in Now It's Time for Action

Seriously Good Will is so underrated. We need to look at thrift shops for a new hoodie before we supply big money industry's when what they want.

NiCkwe   Today 11:20:29 in Now It's Time for Action

We would recycle properly.

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SKim-TranBOD3   2019-04-09 13:48:25 (Last post: Today 11:17:21) in Open Forum
the fashion industry.

Many people don't actually realize how detrimental buying from retailers can be. A lot of the cheap-and sometimes not so cheap- accessible clothing we buy in malls and online use unsustainable labor practices, such as wasting valuable fabric that used a lot of emissions in being created. The textile industry produces nearly 1.2 billion tons of CO2 emissions! Also, a lot of clothing that is still quality is thrown away in the landfill instead of being reused or given to someone who is not as fortunate! If you want to learn more about this, here's a good article: https://www.nature.com/articles/s41558-017-0058-9

quentindbod4nm   2019-04-09 18:41:02 in Open Forum

I agree, the textile industry is not environmentally friendly. To help solve this problem be sure to use or buy as many second-hand clothes and shoes as possible.

julia.mm   Today 10:40:47 in Open Forum

Totally agree and not to mention some big fashion designers use fox fur which is a huge threat to fox population.

carolynrreid   Today 11:17:21 in Open Forum

I agree, so many people buy huge amounts of clothing at cheap prices and create so many emissions, just to give them away in a few months.

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kristrunhuang   Today 10:06:02 (Last post: Today 11:16:07) in Is Climate Change Real & Human-Caused?
is climate change human caused?

climate change is 100% real but is it human caused? The main driver of climate change is the greenhouse effect. Many of these greenhouse gases occur naturally, but human activity is increasing the concentrations of some of them in the atmosphere. CO2 produced by human activities is the largest contributor to global warming and other greenhouse gases are emitted by human activity in smaller quantities.

yhluca   Today 10:15:29 in Is Climate Change Real & Human-Caused?

absolutely, human activity is the main cause for climate change

kylev   Today 10:29:40 in Is Climate Change Real & Human-Caused?

It's definitely human caused. Natural climate change happens over millions of years, so organisms have a chance to evolve with it. The rate climate change occurs with carbon emissions will kill all of us.

Sam_nocera   Today 10:34:04 in Is Climate Change Real & Human-Caused?

I totally agree, we are responsible for 90% of all green-house gases in the atmosphere.

NiCkwe   Today 11:16:07 in Is Climate Change Real & Human-Caused?

Yes I think humans are the main cause for climate change. Because at the rates CO2 levels are going up its definitely not all natural causes creating this.

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Kaia_H   Today 10:43:25 in Corporate responsibility
how capitalism shifts the blame for climate change

corporations benefit from our self blame about climate change. When we focus on taking shorter showers and recycling, we stop looking at the handful of conglomerations that own almost every brand you see in stores, and how they funnel millions of dollars into ad campaigns to make us think that we could save the world by picking up litter or going vegan. In actuality, gas and coal companies owned by a few hundred people are responsible for the majority of carbon emissions, and there's not much one individual, or even many people acting as individuals can do to stop them. The idea that companies can't be changed at all, however is untrue as well. We may not have power alone, but people acting as groups do. Boycotts and workers strikes are some of the most powerful tools the average person has against climate change. Community organization and education is the most powerful stand you can take for your future.

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MRollo   2021-05-12 21:34:36 (Last post: Today 10:40:34) in Ocean Acidification
Water Pollution

Water pollution occurs when harmful substances, often chemicals or microorganisms, contaminate a stream, river, lake, ocean, aquifer, or other body of water, degrading water quality and rendering it toxic to humans or the environment. Water is uniquely vulnerable to pollution. Known as a “universal solvent,” water can dissolve more substances than any other liquid on earth. It’s the reason our world is so abundant with water, but it is also why water is so easily polluted. Toxic substances from farms, towns, and factories readily dissolve into and mix with it, causing water pollution. There are many categories of water pollution including, groundwater, surface water, ocean water, agriculture, and wastewater. There are also several ways we can reduce water pollution. One of them is to reuse the water that we have used daily and we use fresh water for cooking purposes, drinking purposes, and even for washing purposes. Using recycled or clean water is also a very important part of environmentally friendly water management. According to, https://www.water-pollution.org.uk/prev … pollution/, reducing water waste at home is not as hard as some make it out to be. Conserve water by turning off the tap when running water is not necessary. This helps prevent water shortages and reduces the amount of contaminated water that needs treatment. Take great care, not to overuse pesticides and fertilizers, this will prevent runoffs of the material into nearby water sources. Don’t throw litter into rivers, lakes, or oceans. Help clean up any litter you see on beaches or in rivers and lakes, make sure it is safe to collect the litter, and put it in a nearby trash bin. Although water covers almost all of the Earth, safe drinking water is scarce, so we need to do our best to protect the amount we have.

Tevaaa   2021-09-22 18:56:12 in Ocean Acidification

Very very very good !

Sand James   Today 10:35:08 in Ocean Acidification

Love this, water pollution also leads to animal extinction and habitat extinction.

K@I   Today 10:40:34 in Ocean Acidification

Love this so much, it's very informative. Water pollution also effects our food sources. Way more fish are dying, and that leads to big fishing companies over fishing in normally protected areas, and once all those fish are gone, we'll have an even bigger fish shortage than we already have.

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SephoraA-SJRSTATE   2020-09-18 14:47:41 (Last post: Today 10:38:15) in Open Forum
Glass vs Plastic

Recently I have chosen to buy peanut butter that is packaged in glass jars instead of plastic ones. With the plastic jar I usually recycled it. With the glass jar I can reuse it to drink out of.

nanihi_07   2020-09-23 01:14:39 in Open Forum

Hello, I completely agree with you, we must now promote the use of glass or wood so that we can leave future generations a clean and safe planet. Indeed, plastics pollute the fauna and flora which has a direct impact on our lives but also on those of our animals. Thus, there are several alternatives including the use of glass as you said or other biodegradable materials which will allow us to do recycling. In my case, I prefer to take a gourd to go to school instead of every day buy a new bottle of water.

julia.mm   Today 10:35:00 in Open Forum

Hello, I also agree and I use metal straws when drinking coffee in the morning, and I also try my best to not use a plastic water bottle every day and reuse them for 2 days.

Scarletisafungi   Today 10:38:15 in Open Forum

Hello! I love this idea! As someone that eats a lot of peanut butter and is passionate about the environment, this is a great idea. I also believe it is important to bring your own portable mug or bottle to coffee shops. Opposed to continually getting a plastic cup that will end up in a landfill.

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Sam_nocera   Today 10:27:29 (Last post: Today 10:37:38) in Sustainable City
Sustainable cities

Making cities sustainable would provide a huge help to our Global Crisis. Cities consume 80% of the worlds energy and produce more than 60% of the total Carbon emissions and yet they only occupy a small fraction of the earth's surface. We can make cities sustainable by using wind and solar power, recycle and use electric vehicles.

Scarletisafungi   Today 10:35:37 in Sustainable City

Sam_nocera, I agree with your take on sustainable cities. I think a great attribution to these futuristic cities, would be vertical farms. Vertical farms are indoor growing facilities that have multiple trays of plants and produce, growing vertically on shelves. This consumes less land, fresher and local produce, cutting down on the transportation of these foods. As these could be grown in the heart of the city. These are regularly misted, opposed to using huge amount of water sprinklers. These farms would be extremely beneficial to the environment.

kylev   Today 10:37:38 in Sustainable City

Cities should be better mixed-in/organized. Communities used to be a lot smaller, but with farms and things you can have a lot of people in one place, however, this causes a need for a lot of energy in a small amount of space, which creates a need to burn fossil fuels. If everything was more mixed together, instead of having lots of different sections for different things, biking would be more convenient and people would probably walk and bike a lot more and cars would be less necessary. Cities should also use a mix of renewable energy. Solar panels are good but take up a lot of space, hydroelectricity is also good but has an impact on water creatures, wind also takes up a lot of space. Using them together would create more renewable energy.

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