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Reuse & Repurpose

It's very tempting to throw things away or even drop them in a recycling bin when we are done with them. Is there a better way?

Share your ideas for extending the “lives” of the items that we buy and use, and their packaging as well!

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fast fashion stuff


one thing that would be better to stop is fast fashion company's like shien or romwe, its just cheap clothing that doesn't last and I see people who buy a ton of it when they can afford better things. basically fast fashion doesn't do anything good and just lets people feel like cloths are comply worthless since they can always get more. idk I saw a yt video on this and though it was kinda related.


I agree, like you said the clothes don´t last as long and therefor they can´t be reused and donated when you outgrow them. Also, people tend to buy these clothes because they are cheap but when you buy so much of them you might as well buy something more expensive that would last you much longer and donate it later on.


Hell0, I completely agree with both of your statements. I would like to add that boycotting these fast fashion brands, would also cause less emissions from the sweatshops where they are made. This would be beneficial for the planet, but also will act as a protest against extremely low wages and child labor laws in foreign countries that mainly create these cheap clothes.

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