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Off the Table?

Are there aspects of your daily life that you know contribute to your carbon footprint but you are unwilling to compromise to change them? In other words, what about your life is “off the table” when it comes to carbon emissions? It's OK to admit it- we all have these cherished behaviors!

Off the Table? >

it’s hard to eat better


i’m a person who loooves to eat meats and candies, and lately i’ve been tryna stop and eat healthier. i’ve tried going vegan, which was a fail, and vegetarian was also hard. what are
other ways i can help the planet by consuming less food?

Gray L (USA)

Just try to limit yourself. Instead of going 100% vegan or vegetarian, you could eat, for example, one meal a week containing beef or other animal products. Set limits for yourself, and over time you can become more used to this lifestyle, and do it more often.


I agree that it’s hard to stop eating meats because we’ve grown up eating them and it’s hard to stop. It’s kind of like a little addiction, when we stop we just want more and more. So if you want to stop eating meat go slowly into it.


I agree it’s harder to eat better. Bacon is good so is steak shrimp and all sea food. But going vegetarian just doesn’t seem like it would taste good, 400 McDonald’s burgers can come from 1 single cow. It seems hard to give up a tender burger for a veggie patty.


I try to only eat one or less meal with red meat a week. This is great for me because I still get to have that one meal of something I really like. As a substitute I eat a lot of chicken and fish, which are much better for you and the environment. I also try to eat lots of beans because they are a great substitute for meat and personally I love them.


Yes it’s hard to limit your consumption of meat especially because it provides protein, but maybe try and find other meals that would give you the same nutrients? But I agree, you should move slowly into this because it could be a difficult change.


yes I 100% agree. healthy foods that are both better for you and the environment are really expensive making it hard for people who don't have much money.


I think that it is really hard to change everything in your life and become vegan. It is important to eat healthy for your body, but in terms of the environment, I think it is all about limiting the amount of animal products we consume. The main problem is the fact big companies such as McDonald's kills millions of animals a year. This is not healthy whatsoever, not to mention the gross substances they dip their meat in. It is important to buy from local, healthy sources that treat their animals with care and have smaller farms. An overload of cows, for example, can create a lot of greenhouse gases that are toxic to the violent. In my experience, I eat animal products on some occasions, but from local, organic farms that create a smaller carbon footprints. We have to support the companies that are treating their animals right, to make a difference.


You probably should not try that hard. The change of food habits can be really difficult so you should change it slowly and gradually. Or in another way, you can conceive it not as the change of your habits but as a solution for the climat issues (change of behavior). Becoming vegan is not only a way to eat healthier. By reducing our meat consommation, we reduce the emission of CO2 because we need the producer of meat to produce less meat. That is to say, changing your food habits is an opportunity for you to contribute to the changes our world is undergoing. It is probably not the advise that will change your life, but what you have to understand is that change is only a state of mind and therefore you are the only one who can set this change up.


I agree with all the above replies, changes make a difference, but when it comes to changing habits it may be harder. Going vegan is a very big challenge that not everyone can easily overcome but there are substitutes to this option, maybe more accessible, more doable for you. Even if it’s not a change as drastic as veganism, you could try gradually reducing your meat, and at the same time try to eat vegetarian food until you find what really works for you. It makes it also easier to make these changes if you bring your friends along through the process, so that you can all support each other. I also think that what stops us from eating differently is we fear what’s unfamiliar and we mostly focus on the negative aspects of the outcome. However once we look at the bigger picture we realise it only takes hope to make a difference, little by little!


It is a little hard to eat better. One thing that will cut down your carbon footprint is going vegetarian. I have started going vegetarian once a week which is a lot better for the planet. If this is too hard for you, you should at least try cutting down on eating less red meat.


It is definetly hard to completely go vegan or vegetarian, however not only does the change help the planet but also your health. I would suggest to at least cut red meat down and try to eat as much plant/homegrown meals as possible.

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