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Off the Table?

Are there aspects of your daily life that you know contribute to your carbon footprint but you are unwilling to compromise to change them? In other words, what about your life is “off the table” when it comes to carbon emissions? It's OK to admit it- we all have these cherished behaviors!

Off the Table? >

off the table


for me one thing I have been having a very hard time changing is my way of transportation. when I have the change to car pool or bike, I do try to take it, however there's not always that chance. When it comes to biking, if its not a nice day or I honestly just don't feel like I would have energy to get my bike out, I won't. I do chose to take the bus over driving a lot but I wouldn't be able to reduce how much I take the bus and skytrain to get around.

Thepsavanh E.

Yeah I get where you coming from. Like when you have the choice to do something that could help around you local area, but you cant reach it cause like transportation is one thing that we have to use to get from point a to point b. And changing the vehicle or path you'll tend to stay same way just looks different.


Yes, both of you have great points in this, but of course changing your habits does not mean to shift it all but to take little steps into doing something a bit different. So even though you can't or might not be able to bike everyday, having a day or so in a week can be more effective than you think! so keep it up!


I agree! It's so true that it's way easier to choose the more convenient option of car or public transportation. I think anything thing that we can do to help reduce our footprint and impact on the environment is great and we should strive towards that.


This world needs to start helping each other, we are all at risk of ruining this planet forever, we need more people to relize how much we are damaging this world, and there is no planet B.

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