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Off the Table?

Are there aspects of your daily life that you know contribute to your carbon footprint but you are unwilling to compromise to change them? In other words, what about your life is “off the table” when it comes to carbon emissions? It's OK to admit it- we all have these cherished behaviors!

Off the Table? >

How do we approach traditions?


There are some traditions (such as eating turkey on and around Thanksgiving or setting off fireworks around the 4th of July in America) that seem unlikely to go away in the long run without a really radical cultural shift, despite not being particularly safe for the environment. Should we focus on uprooting/boycotting these traditions, or focus first on changing our lifestyles in other areas since these only occur during certain seasons?


I think that as much as we would want or like to change these traditions, they won't go away. Humans don't like change, and traditions are definitely a thing that people don't want to change. I think that to change these traditions we would need a radical shift in thinking especiialy in the older generations.

Diego Mariscal

Like the user 1877 i also don't think we will be able to change traditions. people are stubborn and if you try to change a tradition of theirs it will almost always be viewed as disrespectful. I think what we can do is look at our own traditions and see what we can change about them to make them more echo friendly. smile


I agree, I see a big pushback against any changes to deeply held traditions, especially those people have always grown up with. Do you think we should try viewing them as a Purge of sorts, so that people will indulge less normally, or leave them out of the conversation altogether?

pzoe (canada)

Humans are generally not very keen on the idea of change. As user 1877 said, traditions are one of the things people are reluctant to change- they may even get aggressive about it. Traditions of certain cultures have been held for years. Changing or ceasing them will take a long time or might not happen at all. Most traditions that I know of are not particularly harmful to anyone or the environment. However, some traditions the op mentioned like setting off fireworks on occassions like the 4th of July in America can indeed result in negative impacts on our environment because fireworks are known to cause air pollution. For issues like this, we can always resort to looking for ways to replace fireworks with more eco-friendly solutions. Perhaps scientists can develop fireworks that do not leave harmful particles in the air or we can limit the number of fireworks being set off and sold so that we can reduce the pollution caused in the air. We can also watch fireworks being set off on television or on our devices instead to minimize the fireworks. Albeit it does not provide the same feeling as seeing fireworks right before our very eyes, it is a more sustainable method compared to the one we are familiar with. Thankfully, youth nowadays are more open to change, therefore the future of practicing our traditions in an eco-friendlier manner seems likely.


It will be difficult for us to change traditions and it would take effort from all of us and time to change, but we can do it. However, because traditions take up much less resources and have less of an impact when compared to our everyday practices and habits, we should focus on making small changes in our everyday lives, which will have a larger impact.
Here’s an article I found interesting:
https://www.simplypsychology.org/minori … uence.html


I believe that since people aren't just going to up and change their strongly held traditions, we should make our own individual changes in how we celebrate certain holidays. For example, on Thanksgiving, we could not buy so much food. Maybe, after a while, more people will follow suit, and we could all produce less waste.

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