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Off the Table?

Are there aspects of your daily life that you know contribute to your carbon footprint but you are unwilling to compromise to change them? In other words, what about your life is “off the table” when it comes to carbon emissions? It's OK to admit it- we all have these cherished behaviors!

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Carbon footprint


I think transportation is extremely important and that I would consider that off the table.


The prompt says what is something about your daily life that you would be unwilling to change. When you say transportation, it makes me think that you mean via car, not some sustainable method like public transportation or biking. Sorry if I misunderstood what you meant. While I agree it is essential to functioning/living in today's world, that doesn't mean there could be improvements to it. It might be hard to change methods of getting around, especially if you live in an area that doesn't have good public transportation or is sprawling, but carpooling could also help reduce your carbon footprint.

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