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Food & Hunger

What did you learn about dietary choices from using the footprint calculator? Now imagine that you could translate what you learned into an effective societal policy on food- what would it be? And how would this policy effect the need to alleviate world hunger?

925 million people on earth do not have enough to eat according to the FAO [Food and Agricultural Organization]. That's almost 1 in 7 inhabitants of our planet!

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Don't waste all of your food

Eason L

Don't waste all of your food every time you eat, don't let it go to waste. Eat until your full and if you can't eat anymore you could always give it to someone who wants it instead of just throwing it into the compost. Everywhere around the world there are people who need the food.


I completely agree. On foodprint.org, it states that almost 40% of America's food goes to waste. There is over 500,000 people who are homeless in America, who suffer from a deficit of food. Not wasting food will provide over half a million people not suffer from intense hunger. Also, going past hunger,around 9 million people die from starvation every year.   



I agree with your statement, food can have a major impact on your carbon footprint. In America alone a lot of food goes to waste. In this video it shows that up to 40% of food in America goes to waste this means 218 billion dollars of food is wasted. This video also shows more in depth numbers into wasted food and why food in America is wasted

Valentina Č.

Hi, Eason! I completely agree with you. People nowadays don't even realize how much food actually goes to waste. Especially the part about eating or cooking too much. Now, we all see poor or homeless people on a regular basis looking for something to eat, while most of us throw food away, even if it's still completely fine and edible. In my household, if there are some leftovers, we reheat them for dinner or the next day. We also keep in mind not to cook too much. If there is someone with this bad habit, I hope our discussion will advise them to change their ways. smile

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