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Off the Table?

Are there aspects of your daily life that you know contribute to your carbon footprint but you are unwilling to compromise to change them? In other words, what about your life is “off the table” when it comes to carbon emissions? It's OK to admit it- we all have these cherished behaviors!

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Cruelty-free fashion

Valentina Č.

When we look at the fashion trends through the years, we often notice leather, fur, feather covering our clothing pieces. But why is that? Why don't we just put an end to it? Now, we all know that thousands and thousands of years ago, in the Stone Age, people used to kill animals for food and use their fur to warms themselves. And that's completely fine since they had no alternatives and it was the only thing available at the time. But today, in the modern age, when we have countless choices available, we still choose clothes and footwear for which animals had to suffer. Especially the world's most popular fashion companies such as Gucci, Versace, Dolce&Gabanna, etc... There are videos out there that prove what kind of torture animals go through. In conclusion, we all wonder why do animals suddenly go extinct, we hear these controversial stories nearly every day, but we do nothing about it. At last, animals are the miracle creatures of nature and we must do everything to keep it that way.


I agree, as you said we have other alternatives. We should also buy more clothes that are made out of natural fabrics like cotton over polyester which is made out of plastic, as an example.


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I agree, I believe that fast fashion and non vegan materials should be minimized to save our planet. We now have a lot more resources to chose from and there is no more need to use the skin/ fur of an animal. Also, I believe that it would minimize our carbon footprints immensely if we limited our online shopping. The plastic packaging and transportation that it takes for a package to arrive at your doorstep is insane.


I completely agree with you. In this day and age, we now have so many man-made alternative options for fabric and feathers. I think people just turn a blind eye because it's easier than facing the truth about what these companies are doing to these poor animals, but I also think that people who see this cruelty and injustice don't know how to help stop it.


I agree and I'm intrigued by this new perspective, this is a problem that I haven't considered yet. As "Moffatm1295" mentioned, people like to hear what they want to hear. People know that we have other cruelty-free options. But since high-end companies use real animal fur, that is what most people go for without giving it a second thought. Animals are a crucial part to our planet and the world wouldn't survive without them. That's why it's important that we find solutions to man-made problems like this.


I agree! I think it's interesting to consider how almost every single factor of corporation that we purchase from has one foot in environmental harm. The negative sections of fashion don't only extend to feather, fur, and feather covering ( which is more rare and common amongst richer) but also fast fashion, which is extremely common and most people don't even realize they indulge even, even though it makes up 1/10th of the world's carbon emissions. 9To explain in simple terms, fast fashion is an extremely common profitable business based off of mass producing current trendy fashion designs at low costs. Clothing production costs a lot of resources, and because of this, it has a large environmental footprint in it's production and also in it's disposal, because this clothing is based off of current popularity of clothing trends, which change a lot.) In terms of fast fashion, I think many people genuinely do not consider how the clothes they buy can negatively impact the environment, and for many people, it's too much work/business to research other factors.


I agree I feel that we know so much now that we didn't know back then that we can use that knowledge to be able to help our planet grow in a safe way and be able to shop fashionable items in a non cruel way that is not just damaging to our planet but our people as well and generations to come. Having these sustainable places to shop make it easier for us to be able to shop in a more sustainable way and not let our clothes go into landfills.

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