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Reuse & Repurpose

It's very tempting to throw things away or even drop them in a recycling bin when we are done with them. Is there a better way?

Share your ideas for extending the “lives” of the items that we buy and use, and their packaging as well!

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Reuse and Repurpose


Reusing and Repurposing are two things we can do to reduce our carbon footprints. An example of how we can reuse would be to bring your reusable water bottle to school rather than bringing a plastic one. Instead of buying a paper or plastic bag at the grocery store, we can bring our own tupperware or reusable wax paper bags. Donating your old clothes or buying someone else's clothes from a thrift store is another way we can reuse. You can repurpose your old clothes or even change up some of the new clothes that you thrift. Some bigger things you can do to help be more sustainable is driving an electric car, or encouraging people to use solar, sustainable energy. Also just shopping at stores that have organic food or support environmental programs. All of these are examples of simple things we can do to decrease our carbon footprint and help the Earth.

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