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Reuse & Repurpose

It's very tempting to throw things away or even drop them in a recycling bin when we are done with them. Is there a better way?

Share your ideas for extending the “lives” of the items that we buy and use, and their packaging as well!

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Reusing instead of throwing away


There are lots of better and different ways to use things that we would normally be throwing away in the trash. But the question is, what can they become? When they are recycled they can make new bottles and containers, plastic lumber, picnic tables, lawn furniture, playground equipment, recycling bins, and more. We use plastic bags to carry home groceries. They keep our bread and other food fresh. There are also lots of other places to put food waste like; Buy less food. ...
Take “Use By” dates with a grain of salt. ...
Get creative with leftovers. ...
Regrow produce. ...
Grow scraps into foliage house plants. ...
Compost. ...
Save scraps for neighborhood chickens. ...


I agree that there are so many ways to reuse things we would normally throw away! First of all, I think it's really important to be mindful of what your buying before you purchase it so you can decide if it's something that will last a while and get a lot of use. Choosing things that are made to be reusable from the start is a really good option, but we should also come up with solutions and ideas for creating new uses for things that are made to be thrown away and end up contributing to pollution.
- In terms of clothing, I like to make sure that I donate it to second-hand stores
- Similarly to what you said, I also reuse bags, whether that means reusing plastic bags like the ones they give you at stores and purchasing reusable bags made from things besides plastic and paper
- Grow some of your own food (For example my family grows lemons and some herbs in our backyard)
- Save food containers and jars that can be reused instead of thrown away
- Save food scraps to create compost in the soil

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