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Campus Dorm Rooms

University of Washington guests can take all the complication out of a Seattle stay by booking a room on-campus from Housing and Food Services, enjoying competitively priced, modern accommodations and added amenities. Sponsorship by a UW academic or administrative colleague is mandatory and must be confirmed prior to check-in. Your course acceptance letter can be used for this purpose.

Guest housing rates include utilities and amenities such as free w-fi. All rooms are fully furnished with a twin bed, pillows and sheets, a set of towels, bath soap and drinking cups.

Rates for double occupancy are per person/per night and vary by building and length of stay. UW Housing and Food Services offer single and double-occupancy rooms.

2024 Rates:

Single-occupancy room with private bath: $125.75/night up to 10 nights, $103.50/night for 11 nights+
Double-occupancy room with private bath: $75.25/per person/night up to 10 nights, $61.75/per person/night for 11 nights+