­Graduate Students

Ben Croop (MS, MSE, 2016).
Dr. Nathan Cernetic (PhD, MSE, 2016) current a Patent Agent at Blakeley Sokoloff Taylor and Zafman LLP.
Qiang Li (MS, MSE, 2015) currently pursuing PhD at University of Washington.
Chun-Wei (Leo) Chang (MS, MSE, 2015).
Dr. Namchul Cho (PhD, MSE, 2015) currently Post-Doc at King Abdullah University of Science & Technology (KAUST).
Dr. Kung-Shih Chen (PhD, MSE, 2014).
Dr. Kevin O’Malley (PhD, Chemistry, 2013).
Dr. Jingyu Zou (PhD, MSE, 2013) currently at Microsoft.
Daniel Hutchins (MS, MSE 2012) currently a Patent Attorney at Blakely Sokoloff Taylor and Zafman LLP.
Dr. Su Huang (PhD, MSE, 2012) currently a post-doc at Yale University
Dr. Brent Polishak (PhD, Chemistry, 2011) currently at Beyond 5, Inc.
Dr. Shane Boyd (PhD, MSE, 2011) currently at Maxim IP.
Dr. Natalia Doubina (PhD, Chemistry, 2011) currently at Lam Research.
Dr. Zhengwei Shi (PhD, Chemistry, 2010) currently at Unipixel Displays Inc.
Dr. Orb Acton (PhD, MSE, 2010) currently at Intel.
Guy Ting (MS, MSE, 2010).
Dr. Tricia Youngbull (PhD, MSE, 2010) currently at Nth Degree Technologies Worldwide, Inc.
Dr. Kirsty Leong (PhD, MSE, 2010) currently at Sandia National Laboratories.
Dr. Steven Hau (PhD, MSE, 2009) currently at Sandia National Laboratories.
Dr. Julie Bardecker (PhD, MSE, 2008) currently a Process Engineer at Intel.
Dr. Neil Tucker (PhD, Chemistry, 2008) currently at BAE Systems.
Dr. Cody Youngbull (PhD, Physics, 2008) currently Assistant Research Professor at Arizona State University.
Dr. Angus Yip (PhD, MSE, 2008) currently Professor at South China University of Technology.
Dr. Tae-Dong Kim (PhD, MSE, 2007 & Visiting Professor, 2014) currently Associate Professor at the Department of Advanced Materials, Hannam University, Korea.
Dr. Melvin Zin (PhD, MSE, 2007) currently at 3M Electronics Markets Materials Division.
Joel Horwitz (MS, MSE, 2005) currently at Alpine Electronics of America, Inc.
Dr. Marnie Haller (PhD, MSE, 2005) currently at Intel.
Travis Sherwood (MS, MSE, 2004) currently a Composites Manufacturing Engineer at Boeing
Dr. Lixin Zheng (PhD, MSE, 2003) currently at Auma Laboratories, LLC.
Dr. Petra Inbar (PhD, MSE, 2003) currently at Kashiv Pharma, LLC.
Dr. Sen Liu (PhD, MSE, 2003) currently Staff Engineer at Princeton University
Dr. Michelle Liu (PhD, MSE, 2003) currently at Scully, Scott, Murphy & Presser.


Dr. Zhibin Yang (2014-2017) currently Post-Doc at University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill
Dr. Bo Xu (2016-2017)
Dr. Zonglong Zhu (2015-2017)
Dr. Chu-Chen Chueh (2011-2016) currently Assistant Professor at National Taiwan University
Dr. Qi Chen (2015-2016) currently Assistant Professor at Suzhou Institute of Nano-Tech and Nano-Bionics, Chinese Academy of Sciences
Dr. Dongbing Zhao (2015-2016) currently Assistant Professor at Nankai University, Tianjin
Dr. Zhongan Li (2011-2016)
Dr. Bo Liu (2015-2016)
Dr. Hongliang Zhong
Dr. Bo Liu (2015-2016)
Dr. Chang-Zhi Li
Dr. Jianyuan (Jason) Zhang (2014-2015) currently Post-Doc at Massachusetts Institute of Technology.
Dr. Yue Cao (2014-2015) currently Post-Doc at University of California Riverside
Dr. Nara Cho (2014-2015)
Dr. Jong Hyun Kim (2014-2015)
Dr. Fan Zuo (2013-2015)
Dr. Jeremy Intemann (2013-2014) currently Assistant Professor at University of Wisconsin-Green Bay.
Dr. Yunxiang Xu (2011-2014) currently Associate Professor at Sichuan University, China.
Dr. Xukai Xin (2013-2014).
Dr. Zhiyong Yang (2013-2014) currently Post-Doc at Sun Yat-Sen University, China
Dr. Yuxi Xu (2011-2012) currently Professor at Fudan University.
Dr. Surin Hong (2010-2011) currently Assistant Professor CHA University, Korea.
Dr. Zuoquan Jiang (2009-2010) currently Associate Professor at Soochow University, China.
Dr. Jieyu Wang (2009-2010) currently Associate Professor at Peking University, China.
Dr. Joshua Davies (2009-2012) currently at S2G Biochemicals Inc.
Dr. Yong Zhang (2008-2012) currently Professor at Harbin Institute of Technology.
Dr. Tae-Wook Kim (2008-2010) currently Senior Research Scientist at Korea Institute of Science and Technology, Jeonbuk, Korea.
Dr. Matthew O’Connor (2008-2009) currently Post-Doc at New York University, Abu Dhabi.
Dr. Yen-Ju Cheng (2008) currently at National Chiao Tung University, Taiwan.
Dr. Jae-Won Ka (2007) currently Principal Research Scientist at Korea Research Institute of Chemical Technology, Daejeon, Korea.
Dr. Nam Seob Naek (2007) currently General Manager at ChemOptics Inc., Daejeon, Korea.
Dr. Jae-Wook Kang (2006) currently Associate Professor at Graduate School of Flexible Printed Electronics, Chonbuk National University, Chonbuk, Korea.
Dr. Xinghua Zhou (2005-2012) currently Senior Scientist at Lamprogen Inc.
Dr. Fei Huang (2005-2009) currently Professor at South China University of Technology, China.
Dr. Hongxiang Li currently Professor at Shanghai Institute of Organic Chemistry, China.
Dr. Ying Wang currently Professor at The Technical Institute of Physics and Chemistry of the Chinese Academy of Sciences.
Dr. Joo-Hyun Kim (2005) currently Associate Professor at the Department of Polymer Engineering, Pukyoung National University, Pusan, Korea.
Dr. Mun-Sik Kang (2005) currently General Manager at Nanohybrid Inc., Seoul, Korea.
Dr. Kyoung-Soo Kim (2004).
Dr. Yangqing Tian (2002-2008) currently Professor at South University of Science and Technology of China, China.
Dr. Seok-Ho Kang (2001-2003) currently Global Marketing Manager at Dow Chemical Company.
Dr. Xiong Gong (2001) currently Assistant Professor in the Department of Polymer Engineering at the University of Akron.
Dr. Jianyao Wu (2001) currently a Staff Engineer at JDS Uniphase Corporation.
Dr. Xuezhong Jiang (2000-2002) currently at Air Products & Chemicals, Inc.
Dr. Baoquan Chen (1999-2001) currently at Gigoptix Inc.
Dr. Xiaoming Wu (1997-1999) currently Research Engineer at Lexmark International, Inc.

Visiting Students & Professors

Prof. Ming-Yu Kuo (National Chi Nan University, Taiwan)
Prof. Mi Ouyang
Jiangsheng Yu
Jingqi Xu
Hejing Sun
Haruki Tsuchiya
Shen-Wen (Brian) Cheng
Jung-Yao (Joyce) Chen (2015-2016, National Taiwan University, Taiwan)
Prof. Shiyong Liu (2014-2015) currently Associate Professor at Taizhou University, China.
Prof. Jieyun Wu
Prof. Liping Ruan
Prof. Xiangfu Meng
Prof. Wei-Hua Tang
Shengqiang Liu
Prof. Jiang Huang (2014-2015) currently at the University of Electronic Science and Technology, China.
Kai-Wei Tsai (2014-2015, National Cheng Kung University, Taiwan)
Chen-Hao Wu (2014-2015, National Cheng Kung University, Taiwan)
Chien Yi (Cliare) Liao (2013-2014, National Taiwan University, Taiwan)
Mervenaz Sahin (2014, TOBB University of Economics and Technology, Turkey)
Shengqiang Liu (2013-2014, University of Electronic Science & Technology, China)
Dr. Dongdong Wang (2014) currently at Department of Applied Chemistry, School of Science, Xi’an Jiaotong University, China.
Dr. Kai Yao (2013-2014) currently at the Institute of Photovoltaics, Nanchang University, China.
Dr. Bin Zhao (2013) currently at the College of Chemistry, Xiangtan University, China.
Dr. Jae Hong Kim (2013) currently Professor at Department of Chemical Engineering, Yeungnam University, Gyeongsan, Korea.
Ming Li (2013-2014, Jilin University, China)
Dr. Yue Zang (2012-2014, University of Electronic Science and Technology, China) currently at Hangzhou Dianzi University, China.
Dr. Lijian Zuo (2012-2013) currently Post-Doc. at Zhejiang University.
Dr. Yongxi Li (2011-2013, East China University of Science & Technology, China) currently Post-Doc. at Soocow University, China.
Xi Yang (2011-2013, Zhejiang University).
Cheng Jin An (2011-2012, Korea Advanced Institute of Science & Technology)
Dr. Jose Francisco Salinas Torres (2011-2012, Centro De Investigaciones En Optica, A. C.)
Dr. Ching-Yi Chen (2009) currently Assistant Professor at National Chung Cheng University, Taiwan.
Dr. Yunqi Liu (1997-1998) currently Professor at the Institute of Chemistry, Chinese Academy of Sciences, China.


Po-Ni (Burny) Lai (2014-2015, Chemistry) currently pursuing PhD at University of Houston.
Brian Tran
Yu-Wei (Welly) Hsieh
Courtney Chheng
Cindy Tseng
Jordan Tran
Jeffrey Yang (2011-2014, Chemistry) currently pursuing PhD at Massachusetts Institute of Technology.