NRG Wins CoMotion’s First Director’s Award

We are pleased to announce that NRG is the recipient of a new CoMotion award that will support the development of University of Washington (UW) innovations that have potential for transformational impact in areas of pressing societal need.  Led my Professor Igor, we are joined by James Hecker, Associate Professor of Anesthesiology and Pain Medicine and Neuroanesthesia, Edmund Seto, Associate Professor of Environmental & Occupational Health Sciences, and Martin Cohen, Principal Lecturer in Environmental & Occupational Health Sciences to tackle the problem of aerosol fate and persistence in medical environments.  The team intends to deploy low-cost sensor networks in operating rooms to map out the spatial and temporal distribution of long-lived aerosols that may contain SARS-CoV-2 or other infectious agents in real time. “This information will help medical professionals develop effective mitigation and decontamination measures and save lives,” Igor says. The team is already thinking about how their technology might be deployed to facilitate the return to the workplace in post-COVID-19 times.

For more information, check out the CoMotion’s article here.

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