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Open Writing Circles

Autumn 2022 Open Writing Circle Schedule

Meeting weekly on Tuesdays from 1:30-3:00pm on Zoom (remember to log into your UW Zoom account for access).

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About Open Writing Circles

Open Writing Circles (OWCs) are an open semi-structured meeting time for groups of writers working on long-term projects. Providing mutual accountability and community, OWCs are a great option for writers who benefit from working in communal writing spaces.

Current participants are primarily Ph.D. students working on dissertations, though other writers are welcome! Every week, writers meet up to sit and write together. Each session begins with brief introductions, updates on work done in the past week, and goal-setting for the current writing-session. At the end of every session, writers check in about work accomplished and writing goals for the next week. Occasionally, additional resources are offered as requested by the group. The purpose of the group is to provide light structure and some companionship for work that can easily feel structureless and isolating.

OWRC supports this group by coordinating times and locations, and other resources as appropriate. Please click here to be added to the Writing Circles listserv, or drop in to Allen Research Commons.

Are you interested in starting your own writing group? Check out our resource page, Starting Your Own Writing Circle for tips and resources! 

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