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Webinar: Library resources and tips for dissertation writer

Presented by Elliott Stevens, Research Commons

Resources discussed:

Additional resources & services:

Roundtable: Sustainable Writing Practices

Panelists include Richard Boychenko, Fanny Okaikue-Woodi, and Oya Rose Aktas

Resources discussed:

Additional resources & services:

Roundtable: Multimodality & your dissertation

Panelists include Taiko Aoki-Marcial, Melinda Cohoon, and Dr. Christina Yuen Zi Chung

Projects and resources discussed:

Additional resources & services:

Roundtable: Research and writing beyond the dissertation

Panelists include Phil Neff and Dr. Joe Wilson

Resources & research units discussed:

Scopus –  A database that indexes research output from global institutions.

Additional resources & services:

Workshop: Making your dissertation digestible through craft

Draft and craft on your own:

Adopt a craft-based, creative approach to reflect on your work. This low-stakes activity can be helpful for writers looking to translate their work for non-academic audiences, circumvent writer’s block, or deemphasize implicit expectations of perfection.

Browse the A to Zine activity guide here.

Writing Sessions: Facilitate writing sessions for yourself or with peers

Resources from the OWRC include:

Additional resources: