Alliance for Pandemic Preparedness

July 7, 2020

COVID stress syndrome: Concept, structure, and correlates



  • Taylor et al. describe a COVID-19 stress syndrome using a population-representative sample of 6,854 American and Canadian adults who completed a survey with questions about current mental health and COVID‐19‐related experiences, distress, and coping. They found that 16% of participants were highly distressed and likely in need of mental health services in a sample population where 2% reported being diagnosed with COVID-19 and 6% were personally acquainted with someone who had COVID-19. Syndrome severity was correlated with preexisting psychopathology and with excessive COVID‐19‐related avoidance, panic buying, and coping difficulties during self‐isolation. 

Taylor et al. (July 5, 2020). COVID stress syndrome: Concept, structure, and correlates. Depression and Anxiety.