Alliance for Pandemic Preparedness

May 21, 2021

Controlling COVID-19 via Test-Trace-Quarantine



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  • A modeling study found that high coverage of a test-trace-quarantine approach to COVID-19 containment could be sufficient for epidemic control even under a return to full workplace capacity and community mobility in a setting with low vaccine coverage. This approach involves regularly testing people with COVID-19 symptoms, identifying and testing potentially exposed contacts, and placing them in quarantine if necessary. However, the model assumed schools would remain closed and current levels of mask usage could be maintained. Model inputs were derived from Seattle-area demographic, mobility, and epidemiologic data from January – June 2020. The authors also found that reducing population mobility by 40% could achieve epidemic control despite relatively low testing and tracing. 

Kerr et al. (Dec 20, 2021). Controlling COVID-19 via Test-Trace-Quarantine. Nature Communications.