Principles of STI/HIV Research and Public Health Practice Course

Registration Fee

Tier 1 Fee: $495 USD **

Tier 2 Fee: $295 USD **

UW students enrolled in G H 560 for UW credit: UW Summer Quarter tuition fees for 2 credit hours

** Tier 1 & Tier 2 Fees updated on 2/15/2017

Determining your OECD vs non-OECD Payment Status

  • Participants who are citizens of OECD countries will pay the Tier 1 fee. In addition, participants who have been residents in an OECD country for 12 months or more will pay the Tier 1 fee regardless of their country of citizenship
  • Participants who are citizens of a non-OECD country are eligible for a Tier 2 fee if they are
    • (1) traveling from a non-OECD country to attend the course OR 
    • (2) traveling from an OECD country where they have lived for less than 12 months (supporting documentation must be provided).
  • Non-OECD citizens studying in OECD countries:
    • If an international student is paying their own registration and they are from a non-OECD country, as long as they are in good academic standing and have a valid visa, they can pay the non-OECD rate. The student will need to submit a letter of academic standing from their institution to obtain the non-OECD rate.
    • If their home institution in the OECD country can pay the Tier 1 fee for them, they should be paying the Tier 1 fee.
  • Sponsors of participants will pay the respective tier fee based on the participant’s eligibility for Tier 1 versus Tier 2, regardless of the sponsor’s location.

OECD status can be verified here:

The following forms of payment will be accepted if an applicant is admitted to the course:

  • Credit card (Visa, MasterCard, and Discover ONLY)
  • Wire transfer
  • Check
  • UW Budget

NOTE: We do not accept cash. Additional information about payment of the registration fee will be sent after your acceptance to the course has been confirmed. Invoices can be created upon request at that time.