Principles of STI/HIV Research and Public Health Practice Course

University Credit

University of Washington academic credit is available for matriculated students and those with graduate non-matriculated student status (GNM) (2 credits). Students taking this course for UW credit hours must complete the Principles Course Online General Application and be enrolled for summer quarter in G H 560.

Course registration fee listed here is NOT applicable for UW students enrolled in the course for credit. Rather, students enroll in G H 560 and pay tuition for 2 credit hours via UW registration services. Those not registering for G H 560 via UW registration services must instead pay the course registration fee, not UW tuition.

An add code for registration must be requested from after course acceptance.

UW/WA State Faculty/Staff Tuition Exemption Program is available for this course, for those enrolled through UW registration services for G H 560. To find out more, please visit: