Principles of STI/HIV Research and Public Health Practice Course

University Credit

University of Washington academic credit is available for matriculated students and those with graduate non-matriculated student status (GNM) (2 credits) by enrolling in GH 560.

Students who wish to enroll in GH 560 should first complete the online General Application form. After completion of the General Application, students must request an add code for registration by emailing

Students who enroll in GH 560 pay tuition for 2 credit hours via standard UW registration services. Course registration fees listed here are NOT applicable for UW students enrolled in GH 560 for credit. Students who enroll in GH 560 are not eligible for a course scholarship.

UW/WA State Faculty/Staff Tuition Exemption Program is available for this course, for those enrolled in GH 560 for credit. To find out more, please visit: