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Simultaneous use of marijuana and alcohol: Potential prevention targets among young adults who use alcohol. (2022)

Skinner, Martie L., Guttmannova, Katarina, Oesterle, Sabrina, & Kuklinski, Margaret R.

State-of-the-art in substance use prevention and early intervention: Applications to pediatric primary care settings (2021)

Matson, Pamela A., Ridenour, Ty, Ialongo, Nicholas, Spoth, Richard, Prado, Guillermo, Hammond, Christopher J., Hawkins, J. David, & Adger, Hoover, Jr.

A comparison of cut points for measuring risk factors for adolescent substance use and antisocial behaviors in the U.S. and Colombia. (2021)

Brown, Eric C., Montero-Zamora, Pablo, Cardozo-Macias, Francisco, Reyes-Rodríguez, María Fernanda, Briney, John S., Mejía-Trujillo, Juliana, Pérez-Gómez, Augusto

Delinquency and substance use in Europe: Understanding risk and protective factors. (2021)

Hawkins, J. David. Foreword. In D. P. Farrington, H. Jonkman, F. Groeger-Roth (Eds.)

Applying the social development model in middle childhood to promote healthy development: Effects from primary school through the 30s and across generations. (2021)

Catalano, Richard F., Hawkins, J. David, Kosterman, Rick, Bailey, Jennifer A., Oesterle, Sabrina, Cambron, Christopher, Farrington, David P.

E-cigarette use is associated with subsequent cigarette use among young adult nonsmokers, over and above a range of antecedent risk factors: A propensity score analysis. (2021)

Epstein, Marina, Bailey, Jennifer A., Rhew, Isaac C., Furlong, Madeline, Oesterle, Sabrina, McCabe, Sean Esteban

Adult social environments and the use of combustible and electronic cigarettes: Opportunities for reducing smoking in the 30s. (2021)

Kosterman, Rick, Epstein, Marina, Bailey, Jennifer A., Oesterle, Sabrina, Furlong, Madeline, Hawkins, J. David

Systematic literature review of foster and adoptive caregiver factors for increasing placement stability and permanency. (2021)

Vanderwill, Lori A., Salazar, Amy M., Jenkins, Garrett, De Larwelle, Jessica, McMahon, Amanda K., Day, Angelique, Haggerty, Kevin

Community utilization of risk and protective factor data for prevention planning in Chile and Colombia. (2021)

Eisenberg, Nicole, Brown, Eric C., Pérez-Gómez, Augusto, Mejía-Trujillo, Juliana, Paredes-Aguilar, Mayra, Cardozo-Macias, Francisco, Fundación San Carlos de Maipo, Guttmannova, Katarina

Does educational success mitigate the effect of child maltreatment on later offending patterns? (2021)

Jung, Hyunzee, Herrenkohl, Todd I., Skinner, Martie, Rousson, Ashley N.

Showing publications: 1 - 10 of 813