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Income, ethnicity, and equality: Assessing racial disparities in foster care using a self-sufficiency range. (2023)

Hanson, Koren., Caouette, Justin, Haggerty, Kevin., Skinner, Martie., Barkan, Susan., Davis, Adam, Sparkle, Bethany, & Packard, William Benjamin

School handgun carrying among youth growing up in rural communities. (2023)

Dalve, Kimberly, Ellyson, Alice M., Gause, Emma, Lyons, Vivian H., Schleimer, Julia P., Kuklinski, Margaret R., Oesterle, Sabrina, Briney, John S, Weybright, Elizabeth H., & Rowhani-Rahbar, Ali

Adolescent predictors of deliberate self-harm thoughts and behavior among young adults: A longitudinal cross-national study. (2023)

Taliaferro, Lindsay A., Heerde, Jessica A., Bailey, Jennifer A., Toumbourou, John W., & McMorris, Barbara J.

Effects of cannabis legalization on adolescent cannabis use across 3 studies. (2023)

Bailey, Jennifer A., Tiberio, Stacey S., Kerr, David C. R., Epstein, Marina, Henry, Kimberly L., & Capaldi, Deborah M.

“Letting Go and Staying Connected”: Substance use outcomes from a developmentally targeted intervention for parents of college students. (2023)

Hill, Laura Griner, Bumpus, Matthew, Haggerty, Kevin P., Catalano, Richard F., Cooper, Brittany Rhoades, & Skinner, Martie L

Polydrug use in Australian 12-14 year olds from 2006 to 2017: An examination of drug use profiles, emotional control problems, and family relationship characteristics. (2023)

Kelly, Adrian B., Munnings, Andrew, Zhao, Xiang, Rowland, Bosco, Laurens, Kristin R., Campbell, Marilyn, Williams, Joanne, Bailey, Jen A., Killingly, Callula, Abimanyi-Ochom, Julie, Kremer, Peter, & Toumbourou, John W.

Health of young adults experiencing social marginalization and vulnerability: A cross-national longitudinal study. (2023)

Heerde, Jessica A., Merrin, Gabriel J., Le, Vi T., Toumbourou, John W., & Bailey, Jennifer A.

Two-year risk behavior outcomes from Connecting, a prevention program for caregivers and youth in foster care (2023)

Haggerty, Kevin P., Barkan, Susan E., Caouette, Justin D., Skinner, Martie L., & Hanson, Koren

Evaluation of a brief foster parent/ case worker training to support relationship building skills and acceptance of LGBTQ+ youth in care. (2023)

Salazar, Amy M., Barkan, Susan E., Rankin, Leah F., Woo, Cossette B., Rozekova, Ivana, Fowler, Nathan E., Haggerty, Kevin P., Shogren, Dae, & Salzer, Amber

Mental health among homeless people. (2023)

Heerde, Jessica A., & Bailey, Jennifer A.

Showing publications: 1 - 10 of 847