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Colin Weeks
Research Scientist II
Bagley 411, Department of Chemistry
University Of Washington, Seattle, WA 98195


 1997 Bachelor of Science (Honors), University of Sydney
 2001 Doctor of Philosophy of Science, University of Sydney

Professional Positions:

2001-2004 Postdoctoral Fellow in the School of Chemistry at the University of Sydney
2004-2007 Research Staff Member of the Department of Chemistry at Princeton University
2007-Present Research Scientist of the Department of Chemistry at University of Washington


Henrietta A. Headlam, Colin L. Weeks, Peter Turner, Trevor W. Hambley, and Peter A. Lay. (2001) “Dinuclear chromium(V) amino acid complexes from the reduction of chromium(VI) in the presence of amino acid ligands: XAFS characterization of the first chromium(V) amino acid complex” Inorganic Chemistry, 40, 5097-5105
Colin L. Weeks, Peter Turner, Ronald R. Fenton, and Peter A. Lay. (2002) “Nickel(II) complexes with amide ligands: oxidative dehydrogenation of the amines in a tetradentate diamide-diamine ligand” Journal of the Chemical Society, Dalton Transactions, 931-940
Colin L. Weeks, Aviva Levina, Carolyn T. Dillon, Peter Turner, Ronald R. Fenton, and Peter A. Lay. (2004) “Synthesis and characterization of a chromium(V) cis-dioxo bis(1,10-phenanthroline) complex and crystal and molecular structures of its chromium(III) precursor” Inorganic Chemistry, 43, 7844-7856
Karena W. Chapman, Peter D. Southon, Colin L. Weeks, and Cameron J. Kepert. (2005) “Reversible hydrogen gas uptake in nanoporous Prussian Blue analogues” Journal of the Chemical Society, Chemical Communications, 3322-3324
Mrinalini Puranik, Colin L. Weeks, Dorothee Lahaye, Ömer Kabil, Shinichi Taoka, Steen Brøndsted Nielsen, John T. Groves, Ruma Banerjee, and Thomas G. Spiro, (2006) “Dynamics of carbon monoxide binding to cystathionine β-synthase” Journal of Biological Chemistry 281, 13433-13438
Colin L. Weeks, Ariel D. Anbar, Laura E. Wasylenki, and Thomas G. Spiro, (2007) "Density Functional Theory Analysis of Molybdenum Isotope Fractionation" J. Phys. Chem. A, 111 (49), 12434-12438


Royal Australian Chemical Institute
American Chemical Society
Society for Bioinorganic Chemistry