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Privacy Policy

The Teen Futures Media Network takes your privacy very seriously. In some cases The Teen Future Media Network does collect data regarding its users. No information will be kept on visitors to the site (other than general usage statistics) unless they opt to register with us.

Collected Information and How It Is Used

Registration: To register with this site, users must only provide an email address. The Teen Futures Media Network may send email to registered users from time to time, including notifications of updates, changes, news, and any other information that we deem to be relevent to the interests of our users.

Cookies: We use cookies to track users of our site. We do not keep any personal information on users of our site unless they register for our My Cart system. Tracking is currently limited to the absolute minimum needed to provide a cart and to make sure that users agree to our terms of use, but may be expanded in the future.

Sharing: Any data that we collect will not be shared with any outside companies, organizations, or any other third party under any circumstances.

Security: Physical, electronic, and organizational safeguards are in place to protect any information that we collect.

Control: If you decide at any time that you would like to opt out of this Privacy Policy, simply send an email to taware@u.washington.edu, asking to be removed from our system. We will promptly remove any of your personal information from our system.

If you have any questions or concerns about this policy, email taware@u.washington.edu.

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