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"My Teen Aware students have always been impressed by the knowledge they have gained about risk factors while preparing to produce their own media."
                                - Molly Berger, Teen Aware Teacher

It is imperative for our youth to pay attention to critical information about sexual activity risk factors, yet too often they feel it's not necessary to pay attention since they already "know all there is to know." The introductory lesson uses media literacy as a strategy to engage attention to issues of risk. If you are looking for a place to start with abstinence media projects, see Teen Aware in the Classroom: Frequently Asked Questions.

Topics to Explore: Lessons and activities organized by topic.

Resources: Links, books, and videos for further study.

Statistics and Facts

Teen Media

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Poster created by teens of Mercer
Island High School

Media Literacy 101 Using Sex to Sell Talking About Abstinence Reducing Risks Reading Media Be the Judge Producing Media
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