Mental Health

Caring for our bodies and minds is always important and at times in our lives, crucial to overall well-being. Knowing the trans community experiences harm, stigma, and discrimination often, seeing a mental health provider and getting that support can be life-saving, especially as mental health evaluation is required for gender affirming surgical care coverage. Gender affirming surgery is often eagerly anticipated, and mental health support can be helpful in navigating the surgical process and emotions that can accompany physical and social changes.

While ongoing mental health support can be incredibly beneficial to all individuals throughout the lifespan, you do not need to establish ongoing care with a mental health provider to obtain a mental health letter in support of gender affirming surgery. Many experienced providers can provide this letter within a few visits, but each provider and patient’s needs are unique. When seeking out providers for the purpose of having them write a gender affirming letter for surgery or identity documents, ask about their experience with writing thee letters and the typical number of visits needed.

If you are looking for a provider, the links below can get you started. If you already see a great provider, but they are less familiar with writing these letters, this presentation may be helpful in getting them started.

If you are experiencing crisis now please contact your care team, emergency services, or a peer support line available to you.

Rotating list of local and national Gender Affirming Community Mental Health Providers, Support Groups and Specialty Providers

Washington State

Ingersoll Gender Center, Healthcare Provider Database  (search by specialty, location, insurance)


UW Counseling Center (UW campus – students, alums, staff)

National Provider Databases

GLMA Provider Directory

National Queer and Trans Therapists of Color Network

The GLBT National Resource Database