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The third animal in the Chinese zodiac is the tiger. It is significant to the Chinese culture because it symbolizes power and respect. In fact, the tiger is viewed as the "King of the Jungle", instead of the lion as unlike many other cultures.

People admire them for their enthusiasm of life; they like meeting new and interesting people. They enjoy seeking and trying out news thing and live their lives to the fullest. Tiger people like to be in control of things. They are quick-tempered and emotionally intense when they are upset. They never give up when they are frustrated or when there is no hope left. When they aren't mad they are very generous, warm-hearted, and humorous.

Tigers are leaders. They are able to influence people and speak out their mind especially when they think something is not right. The horse, dragon, and dog get along well with the tiger. Some good career jobs for a person who is a tiger would be a lawyer, politician, company director, or theater director.

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