How Pop Culture Affects Teens

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If you think about it, celebrities effect our every day lives. They are on TV, on the radio, in movies, playing sports, and even in newspapers! There is no way that people can escape them. With all these celebrities around teenagers are looking up to them as a guide. They get fashion trends, how they act, even sometimes how they talk all from celebrities.

Everyone wants to be famous it doesnít matter who you are you have always wanted to be famous at least on time in your life. You may have seen someone in a movie and say I wish I could be an actor so I could do all these cool things that these people are doing.

The main topic in conversations is about some type of celebrities in them whether it would be about a T.V. show or even the latest gossip about celebrities. These types of things are shaping the youth of today. Celebrities are helping form the future leaders of the world! Many of these things about celebrities are easily accessed youth can either turn on your T.V. of go down an aisle in your local store.

Celebrities are also used to endorse many things too. One of the largest endorsements is Wheaties. There is always a big sports celebrity on the front of the box. They endorse everything for clothing to electronics to food. Having celebrities endorse things help the companies to sell there products.

Another thing celebrities do is influence on what we wear if there is something cool or in fashion that the celebrities are wearing then all of the kids will try to go out and get them so they can be cool and if they donít have these things then the other kids will poke fun at them and tell them that they are nerds.

Celebrities are a very big part of our everyday lives. They influence almost everything we do, buy, act, talk, and even walk like.

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