How Pop Culture Affects Teens

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Teenagers commonly think fashion consists entirely of chic models strutting themselves down a runway. However, the term applies to much more than just high-end clothing. Fashion is the prevailing mode of expression but quite often applies to a personal mode of expression that may or may not apply to all. Therefore, fashion pertains to almost everything someone does; the way they talk, the way they walk, the way they dress, the way they spend their money, the music they listen to, etc. Teenagers are in a time of their lives where they are experimenting with new modes of expression, fashion, trying to "fit in".

Fashion indirectly creates cliques. Teenagers cling to these cliques, according to their taste, and in turn, the cliques influence their fashion. These cliques’s fashion changes over time. One of these cliques is emo. Emo is characterized by tight fitting jeans, side swept bangs, skate shoes, and belt buckles. The personality of an emo person is recognized as being depressed and "emo" –tional. This leads to the stereotype of an emo person writing poetry about the futility of life and other related subjects.

Fashion, in regards to clothing and apparel, is always changing and it indirectly reflects the rapid pace of change in popular culture and its affect on teenagers. Recently, heavy metal fashion, slim fitting jeans, low-rise jeans, fauxhawks, hip-hop fashion, Crocs, Chuck Taylor All-Stars, and designer sunglasses have all come into fashion. Fashion from the 80’s is also seeing a return in upturned collars, leggings, and side pony-tails. It has also become fashionable to carry an iPod with complimentary accessories as one walks around the mall.

A person’s fashion, in conclusion, shapes who they are and how they live their lives. This also gives people a mode of expression. Teenagers adhere to fashion to develop their sense of identity and to express themselves.

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