How Pop Culture Affects Teens

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Everyday I hear, "You don’t need to be hanging out with that person, they’ll rub off on you," or maybe even "Quit listening to that devil music". But in truth, the people you are friends with and the music you listen to aren’t the only things that affect us teens. Literature is still a part in what makes up today’s pop culture for us teens who read too.

Let’s see. We have mangas, comics, poems, novels, and short stories that include tear jerking romance with a mix of fictional creatures such as vampires and werewolves like Twilight and New Moon by Stephenie Meyer, blood and guts scenes in some mangas; and kidnappings, arranged marriages, extreme conflicts of some kind, a girl going to an all guys boarding school, and etc…of short stories in series at,, and many other sites where writers are able to share stories and poems online.

But really, in what ways does this really affect us who read these pop culture literatures? I know that, for me, it gives me a pass time, motivation for drawing, to continue writing myself, calm myself, get over something, and etc... For others, it may do the same, it may do something different for them, but it’s not necessarily bad. As most of us claim, we just like to escape from the world for awhile every now and then and pop culture helps us do that.

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