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Undergraduate Students

Undergraduates who are interested in global mental health can get involved in several ways:

  1. Take courses pertaining to global mental health
  2. Explore majors and minors in global health with a focus in global mental health
  3. Join us for Global Mental Health Journal Club
Undergraduate courses

Explores the health consequences of war (injury, infectious diseases, mental health, chronic disease, malnutrition, infrastructure) and the role of health professionals and others in preventing war (advocacy, measurement and application of epidemiology methods, promotion of social equity). Offered: jointly with HSERV 415; Sp.

Examines the socio-cultural and political forces that impact assessment, manifestation, and treatment of mental illnesses worldwide. Students take a critical view of diagnostic systems and examine cultural differences in presentation of mental illness. Also reviews treatment practices in low resource settings, cultural-specific communication, and stigma. Offered: Sp

Examines the socio-politico-cultural forces that give rise to violence and the impact of violence on population health. Discusses public health methods, policies, and interventions that can be used to decrease the occurrence and severity of violence in real world circumstances, including countries at all economic levels. Offered: W.


Global Health Major

Public Health – Global Health is a school-wide liberal arts major, leading to a Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science, which uses public health questions, concepts, and tools to teach critical thinking skills. Students learn to ask questions, challenge assumptions, and explore answers to promote the health and well-being of communities, locally, nationally, and globally. The major provides undergraduates with competencies in Assessment & Measurement, Communication, Environment, Ethics & Social Justice, Natural Science, Population Health, Policy & Politics, and Social Science with particular emphasis on collaboration and critical thinking across these domains. Students with a specific interest in global health can choose the global health option, which will allow them to target their upper-division courses to global health content.

Global Health

Global Health Minor

The Global Health Minor provides students with a transdisciplinary introduction to the key concepts, debates, challenges, and opportunities in the field of global health. We provide a broad-based curriculum, an intellectually engaged support staff, and an ongoing commitment to identifying great classes, lectures, and opportunities for all students, whatever their major field of study. Students participating in the minor will be able to understand and discuss the determinants of global health and global responses to health problems, including health systems. By becoming knowledgeable in these core areas, students will also be able to engage actively in efforts to improve health as global citizens.

Global Health

Global Mental Health

Students with particular interest in global mental health can take the courses listed above. Feel free to contact for more ways to get involved!