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State of HIV & IS Literature

HIV & IS Resource Dashboards

Searchable compilations of studies relating to HIV implementation science. Great interactive tools to find resources & evidence!


Literature Reviews

Implementing Implementation Science: An Approach for HIV Prevention, Care and Treatment Programs (2015) by Lambdin et al
Lambdin and colleagues outline an IS approach to improve HIV programs, highlighting four main pillars: 1) Identifying Bottlenecks and Gaps, 2) Developing and Implementing Strategies, 3) Measuring Effectiveness and Efficiency, and 4) Utilizing Results

A systematic review of early adoption of implementation science for HIV prevention or treatment in the United States (2021) by Shangani et al
This 2021 review by Shangani and colleagues evaluates the status of implementation science literature within HIV prevention and treatment in the United States. The review identifies primary research studies and qualitatively assesses the reporting of implementation outcomes and intervention descriptions.