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HIV & IS Literature Database

The HIV & IS Literature Database Tool aims to compile recent, high-quality research articles that utilize implementation science methods to study some aspect of HIV/AIDS. The University of Washington/Fred Hutch CFAR IS Core has developed this tool to be used as a reference by students, faculty, and practitioners alike. Research articles are categorized based on author, year published, study design, key IS topic, IS model/framework, HIV topic, population and geography. The database includes 123 articles, ranging in publication year from 2007 to 2022. We hope this tool will help accelerate research progress by giving study investigators and practitioners a database that can jump start grant proposal writing and program design. PhD candidates Irene Mukui and Sarah Shaw led the development of this tool.

You can preview the tool by opening it below. However, for full functionality of the tool, please download the Excel file. We are allowing public access of this resource, but if shared with others, please do credit the University of Washington/Fred Hutch CFAR IS Core for this work.

Click here to download the resource.


*Please note, this database includes only an exemplary subset of the existing literature. For more complete databases, you can visit the HIV Implementation Literature Review Dashboard from Northwestern University’s HIV Implementation Science Coordination Initiative (ISCI) and the Living Analysis of HIV Implementation Science in Low-to-Middle Income Countries (LIVE) Dashboard from a team of researchers at Washington University in St. Louis, Johns Hopkins University, New York University and the World Health Organization.