Webinar: Retiring from UWRP

This webinar is intended for employees participating in the University of Washington Retirement Plan (UWRP).

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This is an introduction to the UW Retirement Plan (UWRP). This segment includes eligibility rules and a short section about the UW Supplemental Retirement Plan.

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As a UW retiree you are eligible to continue your PEBB medical and dental insurance. This section will walk you through the options available to you as a retiree.

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Are you Medicare eligible? Will you be Medicare eligible when you retire? Watch this video to learn more about your Medicare options and required deadlines.

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As a UW retiree, you have the option to take your current like insurance with you using your portability or conversion options. You can also purchase PEBB retiree life insurance. If interested in these options, please watch this section.

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Do you know what happens to your annual leave and sick leave when you retire? Watch this video to learn more about these topics.

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The UW has developed a helpful checklist to help employees navigate the year before you retire. This section will walk you through the checklist.

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If you are planning to work after you retire, there are specific rules that are important to know. Watch this segment to learn more.

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The UW offers a variety of privileges, discounts and special access to UW retirees. The UW Retirement Association represents retirees at the UW and helps you to stay engaged. Learn about what you can look forward to here.

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UWRP Retirement checklist Retirement application Feedback survey


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