Wraparound Evaluation and Research Team

Becoming a WFAS Collaborator

Qualifications for Use

The WFI and TOM tools were designed to be fairly straightforward and easy to use.  However, there are criteria administrators must meet and a standard procedure for training interviewers, observers and survey administrators. For more information on these criteria, please click here.  

Fees for Use

Collaborating sites are charged an initial one-time $1,500 user's start-up fee, as well as an annual $1,100 license fee. Collaborators with multiple sites that will want individual data reports will be asked to pay $400-550 annually for each additional sub-site (depending on size) or program after the first $1,100 fee.

These fees include all training and support materials, technical assistance from WERT, and unlimited access to WrapTrack, the online data entry and reporting system.

A note for collaborators! Student collaborators or small programs for whom these fees represent a burden can request a reduction or waiver of fees. Please contact us at wrapeval@uw.edu

Collaboration Steps


If you have questions regarding these agreements or licensing the tools, please contact us at wrapeval@uw.edu



WERT works in partnership with UW CoMotion to license the WFAS tools for public use. Please click on the links below to access the license agreements.