Wraparound Evaluation and Research Team

COVID-19 Update

Hello all,

We wanted to reach out to the community during this time. As we transition to remote work, our team continues to assist implementation of the Wraparound process, evaluate effectiveness, identify the need for technical assistance and training, and promote communication within the service delivery and research and evaluation fields. We are grateful for the states, organizations, agencies, and sites implementing Wrapround across the nation. We understand that these are stressful and uncertain times for direct-service.

For more resources about implementing Wraparound during COVID-19, please check out this special guidance report created by our partners at the National Wraparound Institute Center (NWIC) and the National Wraparound Initiative (NWI).

Managing and Responding to COVID-19


If you have questions regarding our WFAS tools, WrapStat, or licensing please email us at wrapeval@uw.edu. Please be aware that, while we work remotely, our phone line is unavailable.

Take care and stay safe.