Wraparound Evaluation and Research Team

Helping the NWI Name the New Wraparound Fidelity Assessment System (WFAS) Data System: The Results are In!

The NWI and Wraparound Evaluation and Research Team (UW WERT) is currently developing a new data management system to replace the current system, WrapTrack. This new system will have improved and enhanced functioning, including but not limited to: an easier youth registry, increased assistance for sampling, support to collecting data, and tracking evaluation progress.


In the collaborative spirit emblematic of Wraparound and the way the UW WERT and the NWI conducts its work, on May 15th, 2019 we sent a request for input on what we should name this new system to representatives of our 90+ licensed users. We asked our partners to rank seven name ideas, and also to suggest other names.


We received 66 votes from our current collaborators. After tallying the votes for our new data management and reporting system name, the following proposed names received the highest rankings:

1.       WrapTrack 2.0 (mean ranking of 2.61)

2.       WrapStat (mean ranking of 3.1)

3.       WrapEval (mean ranking of 3.36)

4.       WrapUP (mean ranking of 3.98)

5.       WrapLab (mean ranking of 4.38)

6.       WrapAct (mean ranking of 4.97)

7.       Wrapid Response (mean ranking of 5.36)


We would also like to recognize the folks who went above and beyond by offering names to us. These very creative names included:

  • Wrapthat!
  • Game of TOMs
  • WrapReport
  • WrapWars: Revenge of the TOMs
  • ThatsaWrap
  • WrapItUp
  • WrapGrad
  • UnderWraps
  • ReWrap
  • WrapData
  • WrapAttack
  • WrapIt (like WhipIt)
  • Wrap On The Head
  • AllWrappedUp
  • WrapStar
  • On2Life
  • and our personal favorite, Jurwrapsic Park.


Thank you to everybody who took the time to help us in this new branding venture. With this ranking in mind, we will now move forward as we search for domain names and other web-development minutia to determine which name we will officially choose.

We greatly appreciate you all continuing to make our work here at WERT fun and collaborative.  We will be sure to let you know what we end up settling on with our developers.

Wishing you all a happy end of spring!