Wraparound Evaluation and Research Team

Would your agency or wraparound program like to test an electronic behavioral health information system specific to wraparound… for free?

Be a part of research history! The Wraparound Evaluation and Research Team (WERT) at the University of Washington would like to announce the opportunity for Wraparound implementing sites to participate in a federally-funded research project to help further develop and test the NWI’s comprehensive, web-based electronic behavioral information system, TMS-WrapLogic.

Depending on your size and interest, participating sites may participate in user testing and/or an effectiveness study to examine TMS-WrapLogic’s impact on teamwork, wraparound fidelity, and youth and family outcomes. Regardless of what aspect of our development and testing you participate in, participating sites will get an opportunity to have the system installed and configured to the needs of your agency, get trained, and try it out for free. Once the research component is completed, agencies will get a discount on future TMS-WrapLogic licensing fees should they choose to continue to use TMS-WrapLogic.

Due to our rapid development and testing cycle, this opportunity is extremely time limited. For more information, please contact April Sather, WERT Project Director, at 206-685-2310 or sathea@uw.edu.