Tips to improve your application

The graduate student panel is comprised of a selection of graduate students in the chemical engineering department. Each student will read a number of applications and score them based on the National Science Foundation’s Review Criteria.

Here are a few tips that graduate students participating in the panel gave for future applicants:

  1. Make sure that your recommendation letter is personalized and specific.
  2. Your abstract should appeal to a broad audience and highlight the impacts of your research.
  3. Do not exceed page limits for the CV – We have a large number of applications to read so we will only read up to the page limits.
  4. Through your CV and abstract, try to emphasize why what you have done will interest us and the broader community of engineers
  5. Follow all guidelines carefully
  6. Be sure to include information about publications, presentations, outreach, teaching experience, and awards/fellowships that you have received

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