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The Association of Chemical Engineering Graduate Students (ACES) is a Registered Student Organization (RSO) dedicated to improving the lives of graduate students in the Chemical Engineering Department at the University of Washington. ACES works to provide opportunities for professional development and outreach outside of those typically encounter by graduate students. ACES organizes and hosts a symposium every year where representatives from industry get to meet future research leaders and learn about the exciting work being done in ChemE@UW. ACES works closely with the UW’s MESA program to reach out to local students and get them excited about science and engineering.


2015-16 ACES Officers:


Elena Pandres is synthesizing and characterizing nanomaterials for energy conversion and storage through scalable, solution-based processes.
Professional Development Chair

Gil Benezer is working on genetic engineering with Prof. Jiang. He enjoys hiking and reading Wikipedia in his spare time.
Outreach Chair

Jon Witt is studying the surface science of electrolysis under ultra high vacuum. He’s also passionate about sustainability and enjoys biking around Seattle.
Webmaster/Social Media Chair

Brittany Bishop is synthesizing fluorescent nanomaterials for optoelectronics and bioimaging. She also enjoys photography and graphic design in her free time.

Social Chair

Brian Gerwe is working on high temperature scanning probe techniques for electrochemical measurement under Dr. Stu Adler.
Master Student Representative

Pearl Philip is performing QSAR studies and using Machine Learning in biochemistry to build predictive software.
Graduate & Professional Student Senate Representative

Michael Newton is working on gold nanoparticle delivered RNA diagnostic and therapeutic genetic control programs, characterized and studied by XPS and ToF-SIMS.
Graduate & Professional Student Senate Representative

Graduate Student Symposium Director

Emily Ruskowitz is investigating cellular fate in response to stimuli and synthetic biomaterials through proteomics.

Please send any comments, ideas, or suggestions to ACES-cheme@uw.edu

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